Clubs and Organizations FAQs for Fall 2022

This information is current as of August 25, 2022.

Can we table on campus?

Yes, you can table on campus with the following guidelines:

  • Tabling is permitted at the built-in table locations (Cleary Walk East [9], Clearly Walk West [1], Sierra Tower [2] and Campus Store Complex [3])
  • Tabling reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • Tabling reservations are limited to three hours per day, no more than two reservations per week
  • Tables can be reserved on MataSync using the "Spring 2023 Tabling and Marketing Form"

Can we host a food sale on campus?

Yes. Only fully pre-packaged foods can be sold as a fundraiser. Examples include: soda, chips, cookies, candy, crackers, protein bars, individually packaged pastries, etc. Items from the refrigeration sections of a market are excluded even if individually packaged.  Examples include: yogurt, ice cream, hummus singles, protein drinks, etc. Clubs and organization conducting food sales should have an AS Agency Account, please refer to the Policy on the Administration of Student Organizations Funds.

Where can sell food on campus?

The Commercially Oriented Activities policy indicates that food sales are not permitted within university buildings and facilities. The selling of food must occur outside of building. For Fall 2022 securing a built-in table location is authorized for use to sell food. Complete the Spring 2023 Application to Offer/Sell Potentially Hazardous Food.

Can food be served at our meetings and events?

It depends on the location of your meeting or event.

For details on securing classroom space visit Academic Scheduling.

  • Note that Food and Beverage is not allowed in any classroom on campus. Water is acceptable.

For securing spacing in the University Student Union visit Reservation and Event Services.

What spaces can my club and organization reserve?

Clubs and organizations can reserve space in the University Student Union through Reservation and Event Services. Classroom are available for reservation after the 3rd week of the semester. For details on securing classroom space visit Academic Scheduling. Specific Outdoor locations can be reserved through the  Matador Involvement Center.

Do I have to register my off-campus activity or event?

Fraternities and Sororities are required to register off-campus events per there guidelines. Sport clubs must adhere to the Sport Club manual.

Are masks required?

CSUN requires masks to be worn in classrooms, laboratories and the University Library. The wearing of masks is strongly recommended, but not required, in all other indoor areas and outdoors.