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How to Reserve a Room

CSUN Facility and Space Reservation Procedures

* Please Note: No events are booked, outside of classes, for the first two weeks of every semester.  Starting the third week of classes, we start processing requests accordingly.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  

For all reservations from an off-campus group, please visit The University Corporation website

Faculty and Staff

To review the availability of Valera Hall Conference Rooms (VH211 & VH277) or the Whitsett Room, please click on the links below:

Valera Hall Conference Rooms

Whitsett Room

You can either

Once your request has been sent, please allow a 48-hour window to process your reservation request.

Student Groups & Campus Departments

We will process event requests a minimum of three days before your event.  Please fill out an Event Request Form.

A confirmation reservation will be sent via email.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office with any questions (818) 677-3283 or

Classroom Technology Support
Training & Equipment Reservations: (818) 677-1500 (All smart rooms require media cabinet keys
PPM: (818) 677-2222
Parking: (818) 677-2157

Weekend Air Conditioning and Heating Requests

Please send an email to with the date, time frame, and building and room information (i.e., office) before Thursdays at 11 we compile a weekend report to Physical Plant Management (PPM) to schedule HVAC services.  


Facility and Space Use Guidelines

All weekend scheduling of building usage will be optimized consistent with the approved academic and non-academic programs to reduce the number of buildings operating at partial or low occupancy. Therefore, unless absolutely necessary reservations will be placed in the most used buildings first.

Food and Beverage is not allowed in any classroom on campus. Water is acceptable. If it is necessary to provide extensive cleaning after an event, not adhering to these rules, applicable charges may be added.

Paper and other items may not be taped to the wall in any classroom. Most tape when pulled off will also take the paint with it. Your group will be responsible for any damage to the facilities and any charges associated with the repair of the facilities.

Skateboards, scooters, and roller skates/blades are not allowed in any building on campus. If a participant from your group is caught using this equipment within a building, your group may be responsible for any damage caused by these items.

Respect must be given to all occupants in university buildings at all times. Specifically in regards to noise, running in the halls and the kicking of walls and doors. Appropriate behavior is expected. This is a university facility and there are other activities including classes and research happening at all times.

Other regulations may apply based on the facility reserved and will be explained upon the booking of these facilities.