CHRS Recruiting

CHRS Recruiting

Since Fall 2020, all new staff and management recruitments have been administered using CHRS Recruiting.  To accomplish this the following activities have taken place:

  • Processes and templates have been developed for staff and management recruitments. 
  • The onboarding platform for new hires is under construction.
  • User acceptance testing is currently underway with representatives from each division.
  • Training was developed for each role. If you need a refresher or were recently assigned access to CHRS Recruiting in your role. reach out to us and we'll provide the training you need.

CHRS Recruiting is a powerful recruiting tool that helps our University attract, hire and onboard talented staff and management in a more effective way. 

Discover the benefits of CHRS Recruiting in the video below.  To view, click on the image:

 CHRS Recruiting:

  • Provides a paperless, end-to-end recruiting process from initial request for hire to the manage hire process
  • Provides standardized recruiting processes and practices where possible
  • Allows flexible campus options to support campus-specific business needs and campus brands
  • Supports recruiting for staff, management, and student positions


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  • Scan a quick response code to navigate to job listing
  • Apply via desktop computer, tablet or cell phone
  • Upload information from a resume into the application automatically
  • Attach any type of file, any size of file or any number of files to the application
  • Send confidential letters of recommendation
  • Receive an electronic notification when a new job of interest is posted
  • See the status of his/her application
  • Review the offer and accept or decline electronically



  • Use a paperless, electronic system for position management and approvals
  • Hire quickly using internal talent pools which are easily created and maintained
  • Post to multiple sites with ease
  • Connect to LinkedIn, Facebook and over 3,000 job boards
  • Source hard-to-fill positions with a talent search function
  • Onboard new employees easily through an onboarding portal
  • Track sources of candidate applications to find best resources
  • Improve the hiring process using analytics dashboards
  • Use a dashboard to view recruitment statuses and manage tasks
  • Evaluate recruitment costs and effectiveness with easy-to-use reports
  • Notify a candidate automatically that their application has moved to a new status



  • Access all applicant materials in one place for all committee members
  • Review and evaluate applicants, and provide feedback
  • Easily add committee members who are not within the University
  • Chair can see each committee member's responses and scoring