CHRS Temporary Academic Employment (TAE)

Temporary Academic Employm​ent (TAE) is a custom module used for the management of Temporary Faculty data, including: 

  • Appointment data for creating and printing appointments
  • Automatic loading of TF transactions into Job Data, and
  • Reports to assist in the management of TF data.

Anticipated Module Updates

  • This new functionality is expected to help streamline the appointment/reappointment of temporary academic employees such as lecturers, TAs, GAs, and ISAs
  • Functionality for faculty additional employment will be reviewed to determine if it will be of use to CSUN
  • Built-in workflow and approvals will help the flow of data from one unit to another and should reduce keying and time to finalize appointments/reappointments
  • Employee Self Services (ESS) will have the ability to do a final approval and push the data into Job, thus reducing their keying as well
Revised January 25, 2022

With CHRS:

  • AWE (Approval Workflow Engine) for automated routing and approvals
  • Self-Service for Employees to review appointments, decline, and complete additional information needed for appointment processing
  • Mass Processing allows to process multiple appointments – e.g. by department