CHRS Workforce Administration​

The Workforce Administration Module is a repository for the core employee data used in all the other Modules, such as person and job data.

Anticipated Module Updates

Job Changes

    • Transactions previously submitted via the Employee Profile or Appointment Form will be submitted either online via the Temporary Academic Employment or Transactional Front-End modification.
    • Many Class/Comp transactions will be requested and finalized through the Transactional Front-End modification as opposed to other forms

POI (Person of Interest)

    • The POI function has been redesigned to require a date of birth and social security number, as well as a department ID and an expected end date
    • You will no longer have to enter an inactive row as the status will change automatically once the expected end date passes
    • You will also be able to track reports-to information for POIs

Personal Data Changes

    • Changes to personal data such as preferred name, address, and emergency contacts will be made in CHRS; the process to make the changes is similar
    • Employees who are also students (and students who work as student employees) will have to change their information in both CHRS and CS as the information does not sync as it does today

Position Management

    • The process to request changes to position data will be handled through the new Transactional Front End; this includes a more automated process for updating reports_to information
    • HR will now have the option to track Conflict of Interest information for positions
Revised January 25, 2022

With CHRS:

  • Activity Guides for On-Boarding and Terminations
  • Work Centers
  • HR Notifications
  • Pivot Grids ​​