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Employee Enrichment

Our Employee Enrichment program is designed to inspire ongoing personal growth and enrichment in the lives of our employees at work and at home. Specific activities change regularly, but they are all intended to educate, train, support and recognize members of our community.

Employee Enrichment & Wellbeing Programs for CSUN Faculty & Staff

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California State University, Northridge is committed to employee success. The University succeeds in supporting student achievement through the commitment and engagement of its employees (faculty and staff). As a service of Human Resources, the Employee Enrichment Program seeks to support all of the campus planning priorities, and in particular employee success, by providing programming and resources.

As a workplace, CSUN will:

  • Continue to focus on ensuring that the university is a destination workplace where every employee recognizes that he or she belongs to a community of educators and is acknowledged as a key participant in advancing student success and in providing exemplary service to all university stakeholders 
  • Continue to focus on enhancing the sense of employee engagement and campus community 
  • Continue to foster a culture that facilitates and recognizes employee success, provides opportunities for employees to develop management and leadership skills, and attends to succession planning 
  • Leverage technology to improve access to information and services through mobile and web interfaces, and utilize technology to streamline and automate business processes 
  • Continue efforts to attract a diverse faculty and staff who work effectively with our diverse student population 
  • Maintain and grow the commitment to collaboration across units, departments, and divisions