Cal Employee Connect | Self-Service Portal

Now you can securely view your Pay Warrant (paycheck)/Pay Advice (Direct Deposit) Information and Access IRS Form W-2s online, anytime!

As a California State University (CSU) employee, your pay warrant and annual W-2 are issued by the State Controller’s Office (SCO).  Effective July 10, 2020 the State Controller's Office (SCO) has permanently discontinued the printing of direct deposit advices for all pay cycles. The SCO will continue to print live warrants, which will be distributed in accordance with campus processes. CSU employees are encouraged to enroll in California Employee Connect in order to gain online access to pay, direct deposit and W-2 information. 

CEC is a secure web-based employee self-service portal available to California State Employees. Access to password protected and/or secure areas of this portal is restricted to authorized users only.

The SCO has produced this tool that will allow employees to view up to three (3) years of their earnings statements and W-2’s, along with personal information.  Cal Employee Connect will ultimately reduce state costs and workload by providing a tool for all state employees to access their information electronically.


1. Have a recent (not necessarily the last) paper pay stub in hand

* It has information you will need that is not available from Payroll
* You must be a state-side employee

2. Go to Cal Employee Connect
3. Select Register
4. Follow the prompts with these helpful tips:

* Select the Department "CSU, Northridge"
* Enter the Agency Code "253"
* Enter the Earnings Statement Number of the pay stub from step 1. You will need to enter this number with a leading zero and in the format shown in CEC
* Enter the Total Deductions on the pay stub from step 1.
* Enter your SSN, Date of Birth, and a unique username and password when prompted.

5. Once registered, you will be able to login to:

* View and print your earnings statements/paychecks: current tax year and 2 tax years prior; and 
* View and print W-2 information: 3 years are available.



Please note that this portal is owned and maintained by the SCO and is not part of CSU’s PeopleSoft Self Service.

Please contact your payroll technician if you have any questions. A full listing of payroll staff can be found here.