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Global Youth Leaders "Uplifting Humanity"

November 6, 2023

Melissa Baghoumian, Jocelyn Lagunas, Sergio Lopez, Gabriela Mahgerefteh

Four CSUN students (Melissa Baghoumian, Jocelyn Lagunas, Sergio Lopez, Gabriela Mahgerefteh) were awarded the prestigious, national award “Luce 24 under 24” at a ceremony in New York City on November 7, 2023. The J. Luce Foundation issues the award to “the brightest young global leaders” who are “innovators and game changers.” The foundation empowers young leaders to “better humanity” with “honor, intelligence, benevolence, and integrity.”

Working with Jim Luce (Founder & CEO) throughout the Fall 2023 semester, the student team created a GoFundMe page to sponsor a new roof on a shelter for teenage unwed mothers in Indonesia built by the foundation -- and now in need of repair. The shelter houses 8 women and their children for up to five years, providing free food and shelter plus education and vocational training. Many young, unwed mothers are abandoned by the father of their children, forced into prostitution, or pressured to give up their babies for adoption. The J. Luce Foundation created a safe haven to keep these families together.

The students are in ELPS 673HE (Leadership for Managing Reform in Higher Education). The course instructor, Dr. Joshua Einhorn, added a community engagement component to the class, and this semester-long project was this team of students’ contribution. Other teams of students are actively and productively helping other local nonprofits similarly.

Please join in congratulating the students on this award!

The GoFundMe page is up and running, and can be viewed at:

Help us raise the $1,500 needed for this great cause!