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Eisner Education Engaged

The Eisner Education Engaged (E3) media screens provide the Michael D. Eisner College of Education with a unique source of custom news, events, meeting times, and special community features. Our content is generated in-house by Education personnel, and we eagerly welcome submissions from our community. 

Please submit your E3 contribution using the following form.

The department/center/program on whose behalf this is requested.
A contact e-mail address for this request.
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Content Type
NOTE: Flyers that are dense with text will not display properly on the screens. If necessary, create a simplified version of your flyer with an emphasis on images and succinct text.
A detailed description of your request. If your request includes text, such as a news or event posting, enter it in full here.
Which screens should this appear on?
When this should first appear on the screens.
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