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Dean's Welcome

Shari Tarver Behring

Dear Michael D. Eisner College of Education Students,

Welcome back to Spring 2021 in the Michael D. Eisner College of Education! We are pleased to have our newly admitted students join our current students for a very special semester. Our college will operate virtually this spring for our safety, and will continue to offer exciting virtual instruction by our outstanding faculty who are committed to meaningful and rewarding student engagement. In addition, our talented staff are here to assist students virtually to ensure a successful semester. 

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, I’m proud to share that our College of Education has already accomplished some amazing feats this academic year! We saw a 19% increase in student enrollments for the fall 2020 semester, especially among our teaching credential candidates and students from diverse backgrounds. We developed a comprehensive safety training in preparation for the time when our students can safely return to school and community fieldwork placements. Our college community centers are models for giving back to our students and community during the pandemic, offering counseling, distance learning kits, self-care, and educationally related services to a multitude of students and families. Please also check the university student website for many student resources Our college has a renewed commitment to antiracism, diversity, equity, and inclusion in student recruitment and retention, grants, research, curricula, professional development, and school and community services and initiatives. Our college students and alumni have received numerous accolades for their talented contributions, our donors have supported us at a time when we have needed it most, and the Michel D. Eisner College of Education just received the good news that we are ranked number one by Best Value Schools in Best Masters in Educational Technology Programs 2021 at

This spring our department, college, and university commencement ceremonies will remain virtual for students who are completing credentials and degrees. Please know that our university ceremonies will be exciting, and our college and departments excel in making these celebrations amazing and memorable despite being virtual. We look forward to honoring our students’ accomplishments in a very special way with family and friends. Information regarding these ceremonies will be made available to you in the near future.

We say good bye to 2020 with a renewal in our knowing what is most important in our lives, which is those family and friends that we love and those who love us; gratitude for those who have lent kindness, help, and support in a time of sadness, hunger, housing insecurity, emotional distress, and loss; enlightenment as we see what is so wrong in our world; commitment to changing the world for the better through our educational and personal efforts.

May this be a rewarding semester for everyone who is part of our Michael D. Eisner College of Education family.  I look forward to our continued ability to contribute to the greater good as a College of Education, even if virtually, until the time when we can once again share our visions in person. 

I leave you with these words  from the inspiring inaugural poem by Amanda Gorman-

The new dawn blooms as we free it
For there is always light,
if only we’re brave enough to see it
If only we’re brave enough to be it.”

Have a great semester!


Shari Tarver Behring, Dean of the Michael D. Eisner College of Education