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Academic and Grade Grievances


  1. We strongly recommend that you make an appointment to discuss the issue with your instructor. This allows you and the instructor to have a thoughtful, private time to discuss concerns in a professional manner. Bringing up concerns about grades in a classroom setting doesn’t provide you or the instructor time to examine what happened and discuss potential steps.
  2. If meeting with the instructor is not possible, or if you met with the instructor and the matter is unresolved, make an appointment with the department chair or administrator in charge:
    • Deaf Studies – Dr. Flavia Fleischer x 5116
    • Educational Leadership & Policy Studies – Dr. Jody Dunlap x 2591
    • Educational Psychology & Counseling – Dr. Shari Tarver Behring x2599
    • Elementary Education – Dr. Joyce Burstein x 2621
    • Secondary Education – Dr. Julie Gainsburg x 2580
    • Special Education – Dr. Kathy Peckham-Hardin x 2596
  3. If the chair cannot resolve the situation, make an appointment with the associate dean, Dr. Christine Hayashi. Call her assistant, Eliza Corpuz at X 2590. The associate dean will meet with you, and discuss next steps. If she feels that she cannot bring the matter to a resolution, then she will inform you of the Academic Grievance and Grade Appeal (AGGA) Procedures (see "Academic Grievance and Grade Appeal" on the Student Affairs forms page).
  4. Once you file the paperwork for the AGGA, the Student Affairs division will handle the grievance.
  5. TIPS: a) Please follow the above steps. If you write to the dean of the college or the president of the university, they will send it back to the appropriate person to help you. b) Be sure to maintain a professional tone and demeanor in your communication (written or verbal) with all persons. c) Keep copies of all relevant communication (emails or paper) and documents regarding your case. d) Be patient. Understand that the instructor, chair, associate dean, or other personnel will respond as quickly as they can but typically cannot respond within the same day.