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California State University, Northridge requires that certain faculty, staff and students be specifically trained before being authorized to perform certain tasks on campus. 

Register for training in 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Log into the myNorthridge Portal
  2. Locate the Training/Professional Development pagelet and select the Employee Learning & Training Link
  3. Select Instructor Let Training Sessions under Upcoming Events, and find the session you want to attend
  4. Select Enroll

After you have successfully enrolled, you will receive an email which you can use to automatically book the commitment to your calendar.

However, depending on the task, additional in class training and/or demonstration may be required.  Environmental Health and Safety/Risk Management (EHS/RM) offers live training on a variety of safety items for large groups, as well as trainings that cannot be offered online.  Please contact your EHS/RM office at 818-677-2401 to inquire about live or group training sessions.