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My (Admissions) Checklist

This is a tutorial only. No log in is required.


You’ve applied to CSU, Northridge....You’ve activated your CSUN account and checked your CSUN email.... What’s next?

Review “My Checklist / My Status”!

  • My Checklist is your personal list of requirements to complete the application process. The list tells you what’s missing—your Incomplete Tasks. It also confirms the items CSUN has received and evaluated—your Completed Tasks.
  • My Status describes your applicant or student status and includes the link for new undergraduate students to file Intent to Register (required).

My Checklist and My Status stay with you and change throughout your CSUN career. Each term before registration begins, you'll find your enrollment appointment (see Step 6), any registration holds, total outstanding charges due, and financial aid to-do lists (if applicable) in My Checklist.

Step 1

Go to the CSUN home page at and: 

  1. Select the myNorthridge Portal link.
  2. Log in with your CSUN User ID and Password.

myNorthridge Portal login

Step 2

Your myNorthridge page displays on the "Applicant" tab*.

  1. Locate the My Checklist and My Status boxes in the center column.
  2. Scroll or tab to move through the sections.

*My Checklist / My Status also display on the "Home" tab of myNorthridge. Your applicant tab will eventually go away.

 The myNorthridge Applicant tab features items of interest to new students.

Step 3

Depending on your situation, My Checklist may have as many as six sections, including:

  • ***Attention*** (outstanding charges due if any) 
  • Registration*
  • Incomplete Tasks 
  • Completed Tasks 
  • Resources

You can click the headings to close or open the sections. The default position is "open."

*The Registration section displays only for admitted students who are eligible to enroll in classes.

 Three of the section headings in My Checklist.

Step 4

My Checklist Detail: For admission, My Checklist lists the items required to complete your application.

  • The Incomplete Tasks section displays only when an item requires your attention. Deadlines also display.
  • The Completed Tasks section displays when at least one item has been completed. Each finished item is listed with a checkmark.
  • The Resources list provides convenient links to the three offices in the Student Services Center, Bayramian Hall Lobby (BH 100) and more depending on your situation.

Typical My Checklist Items:

Questions about your admissions checklist? Contact Admissions and Records at (818) 677-3700, Option 4, or by e-mail at

Close-up view of My Checklist details for admission.

Step 5

My Status Detail.  For applicants and continuing students, My Status lists your:

  • Academic career and class level
  • Semester applied for
  • California residency status
  • Academic plan (major)
  • Application status*
  • Financial Aid “To-Do List”
  • Intent to Register status (After being admitted, domestic first-time freshmen and first-time transfer students must file their Intent to Register by the deadline in order to enroll in classes.)

In your second semester at CSUN and thereafter, you’ll see “student” and “applicant” subsections in My Status. “Applicant” will eventually go away.

*Admission is provisional pending verification of the academic information self-reported on your CSUMentor or Cal State Apply application.

 My Status detail with Intent to Register link.

Step 6

When you are admitted and eligible to enroll, the Registration section of My Checklist will display:

  • Your Enrollment Appointment – the date and time you can begin registering in classes
  • Maximum unit load reminder
  • Links to enroll in classes for any terms currently open to enrollment (The “Enroll in Classes” Quick Links icon always displays.)
  • Registration holds reminder to check for holds under Incomplete Tasks

In this example, the Completed Tasks section confirms that the student has completed the Title IX “Not Anymore” training, which means the registration hold has been removed.

Attention New F-1 Visa Students:

If you are an international first-time freshman or transfer student, you must contact the international academic advisor to be enrolled in your first-semester classes.  See New F-1 International Student Academic Advisement Process.

 Two Registration subsections: enrollment appointment and register for classes.

Step 7

Important! Registration holds will block your enrollment. The student in this example has three registration holds. Always look for any holds under Incomplete Tasks in My Checklist and resolve them before enrolling.

More about registration holds:

The My Status box shown here confirms the student’s class level, residency status, and major.

When finished, log out.

 Incomplete Tasks subsection Registration subsection shows an advisement hold.