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Maximum Unit Load

Unit Limits

Please note: The unit limits below are subject to change.

Enrolled Unit Load:

The maximum academic load of enrolled units for students in good academic standing is:

  • Fall or spring semester: 17 units as soon as registration begins (graduate students may enroll in 16 units maximum)
  • Summer term: 13 units for all sessions combined
  • Winter session: 4 units maximum

Wait List Unit Load:

  • You can wait list for 13 units maximum as soon as fall and spring registration begins.

Unit-Limit Exceptions:

  • Graduating seniors may enroll in a maximum of 19 units during all registration periods. You are a graduating senior if you have applied for a graduation date in the semester in which you are enrolling, and you will complete all remaining degree requirements by the end of the semester.
  • Students enrolled in certain cohort programs may be exempt from these unit limit restrictions.
  • Students on academic notice (formerly academic probation) may only enroll in 13 units. Undergraduate students readmitted under Academic Performance Agreement may only enroll in 13 units.

Extra Unit Authorization

Approval of extra units for students not listed among the exceptions above is strictly limited, so choose units wisely by consulting your academic advisor and using the degree planning tools.

Students needing to exceed the maximum unit load may:

  1. Complete the "Extra Unit Authorization" form for your student group:
  1. Follow the instructions on the form to request approvals.
  2. Submit your form no later than the fourth Friday of classes (the end of Late Registration) in the fall and spring semesters (office closes Fridays at 4:00 pm), or the second Friday of a summer session.

Extra Unit Authorization forms will be processed in Admissions and Records when Nonrestrictive Registration begins. For dates, see the Registration Calendar.