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Intent to Register for Freshmen and Transfer Students

This is a tutorial only. No log in is required. To file your Intent to Register now, log in to your CSUN Portal.


All first-time freshmen and first-time transfer students admitted to California State University, Northridge (CSUN) must electronically file their Intent to Register in classes for their first semester before the deadlines below. Filing is easy. This guide explains how.

No deposit is required to file Intent to Register at CSUN.

The following deadlines for filing Intent to Register are based on your semester of admission. First-time freshmen and first-time transfer students have the same deadlines:

  • Fall admission - File no later than 11:59 p.m. on May 1.
  • Spring admission - File no later than 11:59 p.m. Dec. 1.

For other deadlines, visit our Admissions Deadlines Page.

When you file, take a screen shot of the My Status confirmation message to verify your Intent to Register decision and save a copy for your records (see Step 4).

Step 1

Go to the CSUN home page at and:

  1. Select CSUN Portal from the "MyCSUN" menu in the main navigation.
  2. Log in with your CSUN user ID and password.

Drop-down menu in upper left on new CSUN home page showing CSUN Portal login link

Step 2

Your CSUN Portal home page displays. One column displays in mobile view, three columns in desktop view.

In your Checklist box:

  • Check your admission status in the bottom section under My Status, Applicant. This student is admitted!
  • Review Incomplete Tasks in the top section (toggle it open if necessary). These are items that require your attention, including Intent to Register.

To file your intent:

  1. Note the deadline to submit Intent to Register.
  2. Select the Intent to Register (Accept/decline admissions) link.
  3. On the next screen, you might be asked to log in again with your CSUN user ID and password (not shown).

* If you have already filed your Intent to Register or if the deadline to file has passed, the message will display at the bottom in the My Status section under Applicant.

My Checklist, Incomplete Tasks and My Status with semester of admission

Step 3

The Intent to Register page displays. Review the message carefully. Then choose the appropriate button to accept or decline CSUN’s offer of admission.

To return to the CSUN Portal without recording your Intent to Register, simply close the tab in your browser.

When you accept, a different version of your Checklist will display.

Intent to Register page with instructions and accept or decline buttons

Step 4

Once you accept CSUN's offer of admission, a different view of your Checklist displays.

  • Verify that your Intent to Register choice is confirmed in the My Status Applicant section at the bottom.
  • Recommended: Print or take a screen shot of the confirmation for your records.

Note: To change your decision after filing intent online, contact Records and Registration at (818) 677-3700 or email

To return to the CSUN Portal, simply close this tab on your browser.

Verify your Intent to Register choice in the My Status section of your Checklist

Step 5

Back on your CSUN Portal home screen, refresh the page in your browser.  Your Intent to Register confirmation will then display under My Status, Applicant (at "3" in this image).

Congratulations! That’s it, except…

Log back in regularly to review the Incomplete Tasks and Completed Tasks sections of your Checklist, where you should make sure CSUN is receiving your transcripts, test scores, and/or the other items required to complete your application. Your Checklist and My Status information are updated as CSUN reviews what you send. Learn more at My (Admissions) Checklist.

In this image, Incomplete Tasks shows that this student needs to:

  1. Complete the tasks to clear any registration holds (e.g., academic advisingTitle IX training and COVID-19 vaccination attestation).
  2. Submit final, official transcripts by the deadline.

Be sure to log out with the person icon in the upper right corner.

More reminders:

CSUN Portal Checklist Incomplete Tasks section with items yet to complete