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Senate Executive Committee Meetings, 2005-06

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Rita Basta

Mathematics Department

Patricia Born

Finance Department

Harry Hellenbrand

Provost and Vice President

Academic Affairs

Rachel Howes

History Department

Lesley Krane

Art Department

Charles Macune

History Department

Ronald McIntyre

Faculty President

Biology Department

Diane Schwartz


Computer Science Department

Barbara Swerkes

Kinesiology Department

Jennifer Zvi

Vice President of the Faculty

Center on Disabilities

Duties of the Senate Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall set the agenda for meetings of the Senate and meetings of the Faculty. They shall review all policy recommendations, monitor membership, and oversee activities of the Standing and Advisory Committees. They shall oversee and conduct the nomination process and elections for the Senate and the Faculty. They shall act for the Faculty, the Senate and the Standing Committees of the Senate on those matters requiring Faculty action or consultation during the intersession, special sessions or summer months.

Description of Membership

There shall be constituted each year an eleven-member Executive Committee consisting of: the President of the Faculty, the Vice President of the Faculty, the Secretary of the Faculty, the senior representative of the CSU Academic Senate, the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (non-voting), and six members of the teaching faculty elected by and from the Senate.

Routine Meeting Time

The Executive Committee meets monthly on a Thursday from 1:00 – 4:30 p.m. Link to calendar.