R.E.D. Leadership Academy Pilot

The R.E.D. Leadership Academy is a 6 week program for CSUN student leaders to Reflect on what it means to lead, learn how to Evolve into great leaders, and Develop their leadership skills.

Leadership Resources

The Matador Involvement Center offers resources that can be helpful for leadership development. The center also houses the C. Richard Scott Resource Library.

C. Richard Scott Resource Library

The Matador Involvement Center houses the C. Richard Scott Resource Library. The library contains many books, magazines, videos, games and tapes on an array of topics, including: communication, diversity, higher education, leadership, marketing, motivation, multicultural competence, organizational development, programs, student affairs, student development, team building, training exercises, Journal of Student Development, Journal of News Brunswick, and the NASPA Journal.

Materials can be used in the Matador Involvement Center and can be checked out.

Helpful Links

Forbes: The online form of the magazine with information that provides insights and reviews on leadership and the job market.

Free Management Library: Provides free information for organizational leadership, including charts, graphs, texts and online workshops.