CSUN Recruitment Dropped Student Form

CSUN Recruitment, Intake and New Member Procedures

Notification of dropped student

Per the CSUN Recruitment, Intake and New Member Procedures for CSUN Recognized Clubs and Organizations, under section 5 Chapter Membership Updates:

5.1. All clubs/organizations or chapters conducting formal recruitment or intake processes must register all new members (also known as: associates, candidates, prospects, aspirants or pledges) on the Interactive Collegiate Solutions (ICS) roster within 24 hours after bids or applications are accepted on the designated chapter “bid” day.

5.2. Immediately upon a student being removed or dropping from the new member process, the chapter president must notify the Fraternity and Sorority Advisor in writing (via email notification). Additionally, the club/organization or chapter president must update the status of this student on the chapter’s ICS roster within 24 hours.

The club/organization or chapter president is to utilize this form to notify the University of any student that drops or is dropped:

If you selected other, please type your organization name here: