Student Housing Technology Services Projects


Build student portal forms to streamline the online process such as:

  • Room change request
  • Village checkout confirmation
  • Tour request

Build applications for day to day business activities student success opportunities

  • Summer applications
  • Guest housing management
  • Student Employment process
  • Conference services

Dynamsoft Barcode Scanner for Housing Gate Security - removal of sled based scanning system

Network Upgrade:

  • Move our high-end network equipment from building 15 and give it to the Village, increasing/improving that network
  • Purchase new networking equipment for our telecom closet in 15 for the UP residents. 

Spectrum cable TV upgrade

  • Convert old coax delivered cable television signal system to WiFi Spectrum U Deluxe+Sports delivered system.

SpectrumU TV is a video streaming service that delivers live TV with news, sports and entertainment in addition to on-demand television shows and movies to iOS and Android mobile devices, tablets, laptops, desktops and Roku devices over an existing campus network.


  • Unit load implementation
  • Miscellaneous requests (Lockout, Key replacement, Other)
  • Request for release
  • Late checkout request form
  • Custom waitlist process

Network Upgrade  - December 2020

  • Add additional external wireless access points in the UP for extra wireless coverage.
  • Replace and infill all exciting wireless access points
  • Increasing overall network bandwidth in Student Housing


  • Upgrade system to Windows 10 - February 2021
  • Update Desigo CC - The Fully Integrated Building Management Platform that creates comfortable, safe, and efficient facilities.

Desigo CC covers needs, from simple single-discipline systems to fully integrated buildings. Easy to engineer and operate, state of the art in technology and functionality, its user interface allows operators to take a deeper look at the most relevant information.

Enlighten Lighting

  • Update firmware and software version 4.0 - January 2021

Building 18 and 21 AV updates

Replaced following equipment - March 2019

  • Extron PoE Power Supply for (2) Existing Control Screens
  • Audio Technica Gooseneck Microphone (24") at Clerk Position
  • Liberty Cable -Digilynx Adapter Ring Kit (Adapters for DP/Mini DP/VGA/USB-C to HDMI)
  • Replacement Neutrix Cat6 panel mount fittings for AV signal distribution
  • Network Switch
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