Future Residents

Welcome to the future residents Web page for California State University, Northridge! If you’re thinking about where to live, how to apply for housing and what life is like on-campus, the information on our website will provide answers.

Student Housing offers three types of housing options ideally suited for the various members of our student population. The Suites at University Park are exclusively for incoming freshman. The Apartments at University Park are for a combination of incoming freshman, returning undergraduates and graduate students. The Apartments at University Village (family housing) are for students with dependents, children, a spouse or partner.

All three types of housing options are secured gated complexes that require key card access and are patrolled by university police. All housing options also offer the convenience of nearby recreation facilities and proximity to campus (classrooms are within walking or biking distance). The Suites and Apartments at University Park come with free wireless Internet and Ethernet. Residents in the Apartments at University Village are responsible for all utilities, including Internet. In the future resident pages, students may find more details on housing rates, living contracts, features and amenities.

To create a sense of togetherness and support, CSUN offers learning communities. Participants are drawn together based on majors or themes in living and learning communities (LLCs) or themed living and learning communities (TLCs).

Convenience, safety, academic assistance and constant support are built into Student Housing. Take a look around the neighborhood and learn about the advantages for living on campus.