Computer Lab & Print Anywhere

Computer Lab

Download the Map (pdf)

Student Housing offers a computer lab in Hawthorne Hall (Building 18). There are 8 workstations and 2 print stations in this building. All students are welcome to use any available workstation to study, print 140 free pages per week or just surf the web between classes.

Computers for printing only are also available in the common area of the Learning Center (Building 21). There are 4 workstations and 2 print stations in this building.

Print Kiosks

There are print kiosks in Hawthorne Hall (Building 18), Learning Center (Building 21), Geronimo’s and the UVA Rec Room. Students can go to these locations and print at any time of the day. The printer allows 140 pages per week at no cost to residents. Residents can also upload a file from their laptop or mobile device via Print Anywhere to queue their print job at any available print kiosk.


How to print with Print Anywhere

  • Login with your CSUN username and password
  • Choose printer location
  • Select the document and options
  • Format page settings
  • Log out or send another document

Additional Information

  • Webpage has to be publicly accessible
  • If the document does not work, try to copy and paste into a new Word document
  • For more information please go to our Print Anywhere webpage


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