Access & Interpreter Services

Our commitment

Your ability to be fully invested in your co-curricular experiences; from achieving your academic aspirations through the exploration of course materials to your ability to stay involved in the many events, programs, and opportunities while living on campus is the goal of access services.

The Student Housing staff recognizes the barriers to an individual's experience that can negatively challenge their growth and development. Your comfort and ability to confidently navigate your experiences within the many social and academic circles is a commitment that we, in Student Housing, work towards every day.
The staff within Student Housing places the utmost importance on understanding and executing best practices and effective structures in place to recognize and remove potential barriers our students may encounter.  Access services are available to process your requests for accommodations. With your request for services, the potential for accommodation is limitless.

Below are some potential barriers we can accommodate:

  • Communication: Sign language interpreters can be requested for events, activities and roommate meetings. IF requested 72 hours prior, you are guaranteed to have ASL interpreters at your requested event.
  • Environmental: Room changes are available due to sensitivities, lighting options or consideration of allergies.
  • Physical: Electric door opening devices can be placed on heavy doors, walkways cleared of debris for easy passage or boards placed under mattresses to make a bed firm.
  • Visual: Enlarged print handouts at programs, lighting options, or room selection based on need are available.
  • Emotional Support Animal Request: We value the role animals/pets play in a student’s ability to thrive and overcome issues regarding mental health, stress, etc. Emotional Support Animals (animals prescribed by healthcare professionals for emotional support) may be permitted in places of residence, upon approval from Disability Resources and Education Services, With approval from DRES an ESA Registration Form will be submitted to Student Housing for review and approval for to amend the License Agreement.  ESA approvals are valid for one (1) Academic Year.
  • Academic Achievement and Success: Education is the top priority for our students and the Student Housing staff is fully committed to providing the necessary resources to advance a student’s educational knowledge and material retention. Through its partnerships with offices including, but not limited to, the Undergraduate Studies Developmental Mathematics Program to the Learning Resource Center, we have created a dedicated space (The SPOT) to provide tutoring services for our residential students. In Student Housing, we see value in celebrating the small successes in order to build our students up in greater ways.
  • LGBTQIA+ Student Access: CSUN Student Housing is committed to providing safe, inclusive, and supportive, spaces and experiences for all students. We recognize that each student brings diverse needs and support, therefore, we are here to provide alternative options that is more consistent with the needs of the students who would otherwise be uncomfortable in an assigned sex pairing space, including students who identify as trans, gender-queer, gender nonconforming, or non-binary. Additionally, we are here to support students in the exploration and expression of their identity with respect to housing placements and resources. Please contact me regarding any concerns or questions regarding room changes, name changes, or gender marker changes, within Student Housing or related systems.

All requests will be taken into consideration. Request more information about our accommodation protocols and procedures by contacting our Coordinator for Residential Student Success

Residential Life

If you would like to request sign language interpreting service in the residence halls, please our Student Housing Interpreting Services at

Please email them with the following information:

  1. Event name:
  2. Who is hosting the event:
  3. Date of the event:
  4. Start time:
  5. End time:
  6. Will you need interpreter services during the entire event? If not, please state how long:
  7. Location of event:
  8. Event description:
  9. Expected participants (ex. floor, building, University Park, UVA, open to all, etc.):
  10. First and last name of event coordinator:
  11. Phone number of event coordinator:
  12. CSUN email of event coordinator:

 If day of coordinator, is different:

  1. First and last name of day of coordinator:
  2. Phone number:
  3. CSUN Email:

 *Feel free to  copy and paste the questions above to your email to send to our Interpreters.

 Request a Sign Language Interpreter for Housing related events or business:

 An interpreter will be provided for all requests submitted at least 72 hours prior to the start time of the event.

 If things change or you no longer need an interpreter, please email as soon as you are aware there is no longer a need for service.

 In the event of an emergency, please contact the RA on duty or Housing staff.

Maren Jensen, Courtney Lotane, and Steve Barnthouse are all alumni of CSUN. Maren holds their National Interpreter Certificate and Courtney is currently pursuing hers. Maren has been serving students and staff at Housing for many years. We are thrilled to have welcomed Courtney and Mak to our team in 2016.

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