DACA Assistance Grant

DACA Assistance Grant

The DACA Assistance Grant is for currently enrolled CSUN students who need financial assistance to cover cost associated with the following immigration legal applications: DACA Renewal, Advanced Parole, Family Petition, Adjustment of Status, Work-Authorization Replacement, and Asylum and Refugee Work-Authorization Renewal. 

The Angel Fund – Immigration Legal Assistance is funded through the DACA Assistance Grant donation by the Change Reaction nonprofit organization to the DREAM Center of the University Student Union. These funds are not loans that students are expected to repay.

Apply Here for the DACA Assistance Grant Application


1)     Do I have to submit documentation?

Yes. You will need to upload a confirmation verifying you have (or had within the last semester) a legal appointment for DACA Renewal, Work-Authorization Replacement, and Asylum and Refugee Work-Authorization Renewal with CARECEN, AS Legal Clinic, or another legal consultant.

If seeking funding for Advanced Parole, Family Petition, Adjustment of Status, please submit a letter verification from your legal consultant (CARECEN, AS Legal Clinic, or other legal service provider) stating the date of appointment, verification you have a qualifying case, and type of legal application that has been submitted/initiated.

2)     If I'm receiving financial support from another organization outside of CSUN to assist with my application, can I also apply for this grant?

No. If you have already received filing fee assistance, you cannot receive funding from CSUN’s DACA Assistance Grant for the same case (application).

3)     Can I receive the grant if I already paid for one of the mentioned immigration legal application fees?

Yes, you may seek reimbursement for applications paid within the last semester. If you are seeking reimbursement, please submit an email verification from CARECEN, AS Legal Clinic, or other legal service provider stating the date the application was submitted. Form submission receipt are also acceptable.

5) Can I apply to receive assistance for more than one immigration legal application?

Yes. You will need to submit separate applications and verification documents for each immigration legal application.    

6)  Must I be enrolled at the time of the application?

Yes, you must be enrolled at the time of submitting application. Your enrollment will be verified. For example, students submitting applications in July will need to be enrolled in Summer classes at CSUN.

7) Are there free legal services available to assist me in completing my DACA application?

Yes, both CARECEN and the AS Student Support Legal Clinic are free for CSUN students. To learn more about these programs, visit the DREAM Center legal services webpage.

8)     How do I apply?

Click on the application link: DACA Assistance Grant Application. Make sure to have your documents combined into a PDF file ready for upload.

 9) Will this affect my financial aid award?

This grant assistance is considered financial aid and will be coordinated with your current financial aid package. The grant and/or other aid may be adjusted after review.

10)     Do I have to pay it back?

No, the grant does not have to be paid back.

11)     When will I receive the funds?

Once the application has been reviewed and approved, it may take up to 14 business days for the funds to be applied to your student account.

12)     How will I receive the funds?

Awards will be processed through the University Cash Services (UCS) Department and approved students will receive their awards by eRefund (direct deposit) or by paper check mailed by USPS to the current mailing address on file with Admissions & Records.

13)     How will I know if my application has been approved?

You will receive a revised Financial Aid Notification to your CSUN email address.

14) How do I know if I am signed up for eRefund?

To check your eRefund status, go to the ‘My Financial Matters’ tab on your myNorthridge Portal and select eRefund.  If the status is ‘active’, you will receive your CCS grant via direct deposit; if ‘inactive’, please enroll by entering your bank information on this page.

15) How do I change my address on file with Admissions and Records?

If you need to update your address on file with the university, you must go to and follow the instructions. 

16)  If I owe a balance to the university, does that get taken out of my DACA Assistance Grant?

Any balances owed will not be taken out of your grant funds.

17) Why does it say DACA Assistance Grant when I applied for financial assistance for another immigration application funding (i.e. advance parole, adjustment of status, family petition)?

The DACA Assistance Grant has been expanded to providing financial assistance for additional immigration application fees. The grant name is the same for all immigration applications.  

18) Who can I contact if I have questions?  

For questions about applying for DACA and completing the application, you may contact the DREAM Center by phone at (818) 677-7069 or email at