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About Us

The Financial Aid & Scholarship Department provides financial assistance and guidance in a caring and compassionate manner through appropriate communication and learning activities that will empower our students to fulfill their academic aspirations. As members of the university community, we collaborate with other campus departments and the community to provide outreach and access services, scholarship resources and educational work experiences to our student population. We will strive to teach responsibility through loan counseling and financial management workshops, while requiring satisfactory academic progress to promote responsible citizenship.

Lili Vidal

Lili Vidal, Director

Lili Vidal provides vision and direction to a large department that serves more than 27,000 students by providing and coordinating more than $300 million in financial funding to support student enrollment and graduation. She advocates for students’ needs on a local, state and national level and is responsible for compliance with numerous federal, state and institutional regulations, directives and policies. She values collaborative relationships with colleagues and promoting student success and ongoing funding.

Ms. Vidal began her career at UCLA where she received her bachelor’s degree in English and developed a literacy program that involved fellow students, alumni and older LAUSD volunteers. She began her CSUN career in 1986 as a scholarship coordinator and went on to hold various positions in the Financial Aid & Scholarship Department, leading to her position as Director in 2006. She received her master’s from the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling at CSUN.

Linda Brignoni

Linda Brignoni, Senior Associate Director

Linda Brignoni’s primary responsibilities include serving as the second in command to the director of the Financial Aid & Scholarship Department and overseeing the day-to-day office operations. She works closely with the director in developing, interpreting and implementing policies to provide efficient and effective delivery of financial aid. In addition, Ms. Brignoni provides leadership and guidance to the Scholarship, Technical, Work-Study and Systems units. Brignoni has more than 25 years of experience in the financial aid field as well as education-related experience in the nonprofit and private sector. She earned her bachelor's degree in sociology: counseling and interviewing and master's degree in foundations of education from CSUN.


Staff Directory

Alain Resurreccion, Communications & Systems Specialist

Andrea Bernal, Financial Aid Counselor, EOP & DREAM

Beatriz Mendoza, Customer Service Supervisor and Counselor

Catherine M. Jermany, Scholarship Assistant, Internal Programs

Charnae V. Bailey, Financial Aid Counselor

Denise L. Hansford, Compliance Officer

Destiny Johnson, Financial Literacy Assistant

Diana Medina, Financial Aid Counselor

Domenica Majalca, Financial Aid Counselor, State/Institutional Compliance

Elizabeth Arias, Athletic Financial Aid Coordinator

Emily C. Fitch, Financial Aid Counselor Trainee

Gregorio Alcantar, Financial Aid Counselor

Guadalupe S. Roth, Loan Technician

Iris Toledo, Assistant to the Director/Office Manager

James Mustard
Fin Aid Cnslr/Cust Srvc Spvr

Jayne Ponce Calucag, File Center Assistant

Jesus R. Alvarez, Financial Aid Representative

Josefina Carbajal, Work-Study Manager

Kathi Maki, Scholarship Assistant, Departmental & Off Campus

Krista L. Groce, Asst Director, FA Systems

Laura A. Santa Cruz, Financial Aid Representative

Mae A. Rhoades, Financial Aid Representative

Margie Ronquillo, Financial Aid Functional Analyst

Marian Nobleza, Accounting Specialist

Mariana T. Saavedra, Grant Technician

Mayra Gonzalez,  Financial Aid Counselor

Mitchell V. Lieu, Imaging and Systems Security Coordinator

Rosa Hernandez,  Financial Aid Representative

Sonya Adlersberg, Financial Aid Counselor

Sose Khachikyan, Specialized Operations Coordinator 

Surinder K. Matharu, Financial Aid Representative

Thomas E. Maki, Information Technology Consultant

Tricia L. Troutt, Loan Technician

Tsubura Caroline Talactac, Sr. Financial Aid Functional Analyst

Veronica Corona-Popovic, Scholarship Coordinator

Contact Information

Financial Aid & Scholarship Department
18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, CA 91330-8307

1.818.677.4085 Financial Aid
1.818.677.4907 Scholarships
1.818.677.2373 Work-Study

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