Current Students

Update Personal Information

This is a tutorial only. No login is required. 


We want to communicate with you! Please take a minute to review and, if needed, update your personal information:

  1. Mailing address (and diploma address if graduating)
  2. Phone numbers
  3. Emergency contacts and preferences
  4. And more

This guide shows you how.

Additional information available. TIP - You can record the pronunciation of your name and opt to display your student ID card photo in class rosters. Learn more at myCSUNprofile

Step 1

Go to the CSUN home page at and:

  1. Select the myNorthridge Portal link.
  2. Log in with your CSUN User ID and Password.

 Location of myNorthridge Portal login box on CSUN home page

Step 2

The myNorthridge Home page displays.

In the Quick Links box, select the SOLAR Student Center icon.

View of myNorthridge Portal home or applicant tabs with pagelets

Step 3

The SOLAR Student Center home page displays in three sections:

  1. Academics
  2. Finances
  3. Personal Information

Additional information available. Quick Tip: Forgot your 9-digit Student ID Number? In the Finances section, select the “Account Information” link. Your ID number displays at the top center of the page (see inset).

Let’s look at the Personal Information section next.

The three SOLAR Student Center sections and many links

Step 4

Update the PERSONAL INFORMATION section, including emergency contacts, home/mailing address, and phone numbers, as needed.

Emergency Contact Info - On the left, you can:

  1. Enter one or more Emergency Contact persons.
  2. Check the Emergency Text Message box if you want CSUN to text you in case of an emergency.
  3. Change the FERPA Directory/Restriction. Before restricting, please read Privacy Rights of Students in Education Records.

Contact Information Box – On the right, select any link to update your info.

  1. Verify your home/mailing address, including apartment number. To edit, click the “Home Address” link.
  2. To receive school emergency notices to a personal email box in addition to your CSUN Gmail, select the “Campus Email Address” link.
  3. If you’re graduating and want your diploma sent to a different mailing address, select the “Diploma Address” link to add the new address.

Select the Diploma Address link.

Close up of Personal Information section and links

Step 5

The Addresses tab displays your home/mailing address. 

  • Select the pencil icon to edit your current address
  • Select the Add a New Address button to enter a diploma or other type of address.

You can also update your phone numbers, email addresses, emergency contacts, and identity preferences from this page using the top tabs.

Save your updated information and return to the Student Center, the Portal or log out.

To return to the Student Center, use the drop-down menu and click “Go” button.