Lab Safety Week : Day 2

February 13, 2024

Here are a few good housekeeping tips in creating a functional research space that encourages learning and minimizes the risk of unforeseen accidents.

  • Reducing clutter provides more space for critical research materials, making it safer to move around the lab without tripping or potential chemical/biological exposure. 
  • Limiting or reducing flammable materials like paper or cardboard reduces the risk of fire.
  • Never block emergency exits, fire extinguishers, safety showers, eyewashes, or electrical panels.
  • Consider scheduling frequent lab clean-out days (at least quarterly). Inspections help keep the lab space clean and pristine. Establishing an internal inspections program improves the lab safety culture.
  • Periodically thaw freezers.
  • Make arrangements to service, maintain or remove broken equipment.

Printable Lab Housekeeping Poster