Admissions and Records

Before You Register

Academic Advisement

Academic advisement is essential to your academic success and steady progress toward your degree objective. Regular advisement will help you to:

  1. Transition smoothly from your previous school to CSUN
  2. Avoid pitfalls that can create obstacles in your student career
  3. Save time and money by selecting the courses you need at the right time
  4. Take all the necessary steps that will lead to a timely graduation

Advisement is required for:

  • All first-time freshmen, starting with their initial enrollment at CSUN and continuing each semester until the completion of "GE Basic Skills" (see the current University Catalog and the Basic Skills Policy).
  • Each semester for students in some majors
  • Students on academic probation
  • Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) students in some majors
  • Incoming international students in their first semester
  • Student athletes
  • AA-T and AS-T (Associate Degree for Transfer / STAR Act) students

Where to get advisement:

Schedule an advising appointment with an advisor:

For support and accommodation, see Disability Resources & Educational Services (DRES)

Prepare for advisement with a checklist:

Degree Planning Tools

Your CSUN degree planning tools will help you choose classes wisely and graduate in good time. They include:

  • Degree Progress Report (DPR) and Planner - Track your progress and plan future classes to reach your degree objective.
  • Degree Road Maps - You can graduate sooner by enrolling in courses that count toward both GE requirements and your major. For a list of courses required in your major in the order they should be taken, use your major's Degree Road Map with DPR and Planner to plan your schedule.
  • Degree Road Maps for Associate Degrees for Transfer (STAR Act) - For California community college AA-T and AS-T transfer students only.
  • Registration Planner - Select the courses you want. Generate all possible schedules in one click. Import classes from DPR/Planner. Send a favorite schedule to your enrollment shopping cart.

Contact your academic advisor for assistance.

Department Exams

The Math Placement Test (MPT) or the Chemistry Placement Test (CPT) is required to enroll in certain lower division Math or Chemistry courses. 

Before taking the MPT or CPT tests, consult with your academic advisor.

For more information, select CPT or MPT from the CSUN Testing Center page On-Campus Exams.

Registration Holds

Registration holds prevent students from enrolling in classes. Before registering, clear all holds.

To view holds: Log into myNorthridge and locate the "Incomplete Tasks" section of My Checklist. For help, see View Holds.


Avoid the “milestone" holds listed below by meeting with your advisor and developing a plan for completing your degree.

Freshman Advisement

All freshmen will have an advisement hold and need to register for classes with their academic advisor. The advisement hold continues each semester until the student completes General Education (GE) Basic Skills. Students must complete GE Basic Skills within their first 60 units. Learn more at GE Basic Skills and Basic Skills Policy.

International Student Advisement

All incoming international students will have an advisement hold for their first semester at CSUN and will need to register for classes with assistance from a designated academic advisor. In subsequent semesters some majors may require academic advisement.  If your major requires advisement before registration, you will have an advisement hold that will only be cleared when you meet with your academic advisor.

Transfer Student Major Advisement

CSUN policies will differ from those of your previous institution, so academic advisement is strongly encouraged for all transfer students. Some majors require it. If your major requires advisement before registration, you will have an advisement hold that will be cleared only when you meet with your advisor.

Immunization Requirements

Students not meeting immunization requirements during their first semester may have a registration hold placed on their record that prevents enrollment in their second-semester classes.

If you were born on or after January 1, 1957, you must present proof of immunity to, or immunization for, measles and rubella during your first semester at CSUN. Immunity to or immunization for Hepatitis B is required for all entering students 18 or younger before you complete your second semester. Students enrolled in a California public middle or high school after July 1, 1999 will have satisfied these requirements.

Declare Major by 60 Units

Students are expected to declare their major by the conclusion of the semester in which they complete 45 units. Students must declare their major by the conclusion of the semester in which they complete 60 units. (Transfer students must declare a major in their transfer application.)

Students who have not declared their major and have completed 60 units will not be able to register until they obtain academic advisement at the Advising Resource Center/EOP.

Please note that there are limits to the total number of units you can earn toward a double major, a major and a minor, or double minors. Learn more at Major and Minor Policy.

Graduation Advisement Hold - Bachelor's Degree

When you've completed 90 units and at least one semester in residence at CSUN, you'll receive an email to complete the online graduation application.  Once you've successfully submitted the online application, you will receive a graduation advisement hold on your account for your graduation term.

  • The graduation advisement hold will display in My Checklist as “Advising Mandatory.”
  • If you completed the paper “Application for Bachelor’s Degree and Diploma,” you have already been advised and will not receive the graduation advisement hold.

To remove the hold:

  1. As soon as possible after submitting your online application, schedule a meeting with your academic advisor to review your graduation plan.
  2. Use the Degree Progress Report/Planner to plan out the courses still needed to complete your bachelor’s degree. Print your DPR audit and plan and bring them with you to the meeting with your advisor. 


Apply for Graduation before 130 Units

Undergraduate students should apply for graduation when they have earned 90 units. If students do not apply at that time, they will receive a "graduation advisement mandatory" (GAM) hold at 130 units and will not be able to enroll in classes for the following semester.

All coursework for majors and minors combined shall be completed within 140 units. Students who have accumulated over 140 earned units may be graduated administratively if they have completed all degree requirements in any major, whether or not they have declared that major.

Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam (UDWPE)

For Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam (UDWPE) information including policy, test dates, online registration and preparation resources, visit the CSUN Testing Center.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students need to take the UDWPE no later than the semester in which they complete 75 units. Students who do not take the test by the completion of 75 units will have a registration hold placed on their future registration.

Undergraduate students who have an UDWPE registration hold and wish to appeal the policy for their situation may complete the paper Appeal for Extension of Time to Satisfy UDWPE Requirement (.pdf) or the online UDWPE Policy Appeal Web Form.

Graduate Students

Graduate students must satisfy the UDWPE requirement in order to attain classified status and before completing 12 units in their formal program unless they previously passed the UDWPE as an undergraduate. Also see Graduate Policies.

Title IX "Not Anymore" Registration Hold

Your Right to Know

All CSUN students—and college students throughout the United States—are required to take an online sexual misconduct and violence awareness and prevention course to promote a culture of respect. Called Title IX - Not Anymore, the online training is required for all new and continuing students as follows:

  • New students take a longer, initial course once only
  • Continuing students take a short refresher course each fall.

All students will have a “Title 9 (T9)” registration hold that prevents enrollment until they complete the online training. You must complete the training before you can enroll in classes.

Helpful How-To Guide:  Access Title IX Training  

To take the training:

  1. Log into myNorthridge Portal with your CSUN user ID and password.
  2. Look for the “Title 9” registration hold in My Checklist under “Incomplete Tasks.”
  3. Select the “Not Anymore” link in the Student Records paragraph to complete the training, clear the “T9” hold, and enroll in classes.

This requirement is mandated nationally through the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013 and in Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, to prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender or sexual orientation. Read more at Title IX: Gender Equity and Sexual Misconduct.

Finally, the training is an opportunity to think about a variety of gender-based social justice issues and to talk about the program with your peers. We understand that the content of the training may cause particular distress for some individuals. If due to such personal circumstances you would like to discuss alternative options for meeting the training requirement, please contact CSUN’s Campus Care Advocate, who is a confidential resource, at (818) 677-7492.