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How to Register

Quick Link: Enrollment How-To Guides

You should prepare to enroll with the steps outlined at Before You Register

Now let’s consider the registration process and a few strategies.

First, review the Top 10 Registration Tips for an overview.

Next, take these steps to register for classes.

  1. Log in to the CSUN Portal to find your enrollment appointment in your portal checklist. Learn more at When to Register. Helpful guide: My Checklist
  2. Schedule your planned classes with the search tools described at Before Your Register. Be flexible in case your first choices aren’t available.

    As you plan your schedule, note the following:

    • Class Notes provide important instructions, such as corequisite courses (e.g., paired lecture and lab class sections) that require concurrent enrollment and whether or not fully online courses require attendance at virtual meetings at scheduled times, etc.
    • Some classes require permission to add because they are “restricted” to a certain major, class standing (freshman, junior or senior), etc. Contact the academic department or instructor to request a permission number to add the class. Helpful: Permission FAQs
    • Departments may add new sections before and during registration periods, so revisit the Schedule of Classes listing regularly.
  3. When your enrollment appointment arrives, log into myNorthridge Portal and select the “Enroll in Classes” link in My Checklist.
    • Note the maximum unit load. During fall and spring, students in good standing may enroll in up to 17 units while students on probation are limited to 13 units. Graduating seniors may enroll in 19 units.
    • Add classes to your enrollment shopping cart, submit your request and confirm the results. Helpful guide: Add Classes


      • If you’ve saved a favorite schedule in Registration Planner, use the validation feature to detect any closed class sections or enrollment errors. Adjust your schedule as needed, and then import the schedule to your enrollment cart.
      • If you have preloaded your cart, you can submit your enrollment request using the CSUN Mobile App as soon as your appointment arrives.
    • Wait-list for closed classes and be added when a seat opens. You may wait-list for a maximum of 13 units. Helpful guides: Wait List for Closed Classes and Wait List FAQs (PDF).
  4. Pay your tuition and other fees, which are due upon registration but no later than the payment due dates. The due date may vary depending on when you register for each class in your schedule.

    IMPORTANT: If you do not pay on time, you will be disenrolled (dropped) from some or all of your classes!

    For answers to payment and refund questions, visit the CSUN Student Finance website.
  5. Adjust your schedule as needed during the registration periods.Tip: If you’re having trouble finding an available class section to enroll in, see Class Schedule Strategies and ask your advisor for help.
  6. Review your class schedule and final exam schedule in myNorthridge Portal. Confirm the time and location of final exams with your instructors prior to the last class meeting. You should also review the Final Examination Policy.
    Helpful guides: