Non-degree Students

Anyone can have access to CSUN's amazing faculty, classes and resources through the Open University Program and the Advancing Student Achievement Program (ASAP). These non-degree offerings can be taken by people who are not enrolled in a CSUN degree program and are run through the Tseng College of Graduate, International and Midcareer Education.

Visiting Students

Open University provides access to CSUN courses for anyone — community members, professionals or international and domestic visitors who have never enrolled in a CSUN degree program. Choose your path:

Former CSUN Students

The Advancing Student Achievement Program (ASAP) is designed to support former CSUN students — alumni, students who left before degree completion and those in any academic standing, including disqualification. A university advisor will support your re-entry. Make your academic comeback:

Select your path above to discover the steps to enrolling!

Why Take Classes as a Non-degree Student?

Taking classes through Open University or the Advancing Student Achievement Program (ASAP) gives you access to hundreds of accredited CSUN courses taught by outstanding university faculty members. Some classes even have multiple session lengths to fit your schedule.

  • Enroll in classes in the fall and spring semesters and/or summer sessions.
  • No formal application or admission process.
  • Choose from on campus or online courses.
  • Boost your GPA, satisfy prerequisites, pursue an interest and improve your knowledge — all at CSUN.

Things to Note:

  • For each course, you must obtain a permission number from the instructor or academic department. Submitting a request does not guarantee permission to enroll. Learn more at Request Permission to Enroll.
  • The number of units that may be taken as a non-degree student and transferred toward a future degree is limited and varies for undergraduate and graduate students.

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