First-Time Freshman Requirements

Our admission requirements for first-time freshmen include graduating high school or passing one of the California state high school proficiency exams, your high school GPA and more. Because of the pandemic, all California State University campuses, are adjusting some requirements. Learn more at High School Guidance for First-Time, First-Year Students.

You will still need to complete the required college preparatory coursework, and meet our minimum Eligibility Index scores.

If you are an international student, please visit the International First-time Freshman Admission page to find information to help you apply.

Required Courses

The college preparatory subject requirements—known as “A to G” in California—are below. You'll need to have completed these courses with a grade of C minus (C-) or better. Because of the pandemic, any credit/pass grades that you earned for A to G courses you took in winter 2020 through summer 2021 will be accepted as satisfying this requirement. Starting fall 2021, you must take A to G courses for a letter grade and earn at least a C minus (C-) grade.

Subject Years Required Additional Info
English 4 years  
Mathematics 3 years Algebra, geometry and intermediate algebra required.
4 years recommended but not required.
Social Science/History 2 years Must include 1 year of U.S. history or U.S. history and government.
Science 2 years

Includes 1 year of biological science with a lab and
1 year of physical science with a lab.

Foreign Language 2 years in the same language May be waived for applicants who can demonstrate
and document equivalent competence.
Visual and Performing Arts 1 year in the same discipline Can be art, dance, drama/theater, music, interdisciplinary arts
or any other UC/CSU-approved course on the A-G list.
Electives 1 year Selected from English, advanced mathematics, social science/history,
laboratory science, foreign language, visual and performing arts
or any other courses approved and included on the UC/CSU "A-G" list.

Eligibility Index Scores

All California State University (CSU) campuses use the eligibility index as part of the first-time freshman admissions decision. The minimum eligibility index scores for admission to CSUN depend on whether you're a California resident or an out-of-state student.

The eligibility index is the combination of your CSU-calculated high school GPS (HSGPA) and, for California residents, points awarded through five additional multifactor variables.

For California residents, your eligibility index can be met by:

  • A to G Subjects HSGPA x 1,000
  • A to G Subjects HSGPA x 1,000 + (Total Multifactor Eligibility Points)

The additional Multifactor Eligibility Points are listed below.

Multifactor Criteria Point Values
CSU Admissions Requirement:
A to G Subjects Course Work
  • Earn 10 points per course taken above 30 semesters (15 courses)
  • Possible points: maximum 100 points
Free and Reduced Lunch School
(Underrepresented High School)
  • 25 Points - Attended a free and reduced lunch school
First-Generation Student
(Parent Education Factor)

Parent/Guardian 1 and 2 education:

  • 75 Points - Some college, no college, or no degree
Youth Services
(Foster Youth)
  • 25 Points - A ward of the court, foster youth or unaccompanied youth
Cal State Apply Application Fee Waiver
  • 25 Points - Received application fee waiver

If you're graduating from a high school in California, the minimum eligibility index is 2500 or a HSGPA of 2.50.

A minimum Eligibility Index higher than 2500 may be required depending on your chosen major. Please see "competitive majors" below. 

All California residents can gain points from the multifactor admission criteria in the table above.


  • If your HSGPA is 2.50 or better, multiply your GPA by 1,000. For example, the eligibility index for a 2.50 HSGPA is 2500.
  • If your HSGPA is less than 2.50, multiply your GPA by 1,000 and then add any points awarded for the multifactor admission criteria. For example, a student might have a HSGPA of 2.40, qualify for the Cal State Apply application fee waiver and have no parents who attended college. Therefore, add 2400 (GPA x 1,000) + 100 points (25 + 75), for an eligibility index of 2500.

Competitive Majors

Every year, some competitive majors receive more applicants than we can accept. This is called impaction. These majors will have higher eligibility index minimums for California residents. Programs and scores can change each year.

Review this year's impacted programs.

Out-of-State Students

For U.S. applicants from outside California, the eligibility index is your CSUN-calculated high school GPA (GPA) in the A-G equivalent subjects x 1000. As an out-of-state applicant, you must meet a minimum eligibility index of 3000, or a HSGPA of 3.0.

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