Mechanical Engineering


Unlock your professional potential with CSUN's mechanical engineering master's program. You'll deepen your skills in a range of disciplines and gain design experience with real-world projects.

Why Earn a Master's in Mechanical Engineering?

A master's degree helps you deepen your mechanical engineering skills and knowledge. A master's degree, tailored to your career interests, opens doors and increases career opportunities in a range of engineering disciplines.

A master’s in mechanical engineering can also be ideal for those who are pursuing a career in research. It’s also a crucial credential stepping stone if you eventually want a doctorate, another common career pathway for prospective master’s degree students.

Why Study Mechanical Engineering at CSUN?

Hands-on Experience

Employers look for engineers with real-world design experience, practical skills, and the ability to communicate effectively. Our program sharpens these skills and puts you on the path to a rewarding career.

Extensive Lab Facilities

Department facilities, contained in laboratories with a total floor space of more than 18,000 square feet, include: an autoclave for composite materials processing, a low-speed wind tunnel for model testing, a systems engineering lab used for research on automated air traffic simulations, and a fully instrumented engine and vehicle performance and emissions test facility.

Affordable & Convenient

A master's degree from CSUN is affordable and convenient. We are committed to providing the services, guidance, and resources you need to pursue your educational goals.

What You'll Learn

The M.S. program allows you to specialize in one of three emphasis areas: mechanical system design, system dynamics and control, or thermal-fluid systems. The program features a thesis plan and a comprehensive examination plan so you can tailor your studies to complement your specific career and educational goals.


In this specialization you'll study such topics as:

  • Mechanics of polymers
  • Mechanical design with composites
  • Computer-aided design of machinery
  • Mechanical behavior of materials

This specialization covers such topics as:

  • Robot mechanics and control
  • Autonomous intelligent vehicles
  • Design and control of dynamic systems

In this specialization you'll study:

  • Thermal-fluid system design
  • Compressible flow
  • Conductive and radiative heat transfer
  • Convective heat and mass transfer
  • Computational fluid dynamics

Careers & Outcomes

Mechanical engineers are in demand around the world. Most of our mechanical engineering graduates become practicing engineers in industry. Some choose to pursue careers with government agencies or educational institutions. The degree also can be a stepping stone to law school for a career as a patent lawyer or to business school for careers in technical management, marketing, or sales.

Job Titles

  • Project Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Senior Manufacturing Engineer
  • Senior Mechanical Engineer
  • Engineering Group Manager
a CSUN student working on a paper

Our thesis writing workshop gives you an edge.

The Office of Graduate Studies offers a workshop devoted to thesis writing. We encourage you to take advantage of this workshop, which covers such subjects as picking a topic, time management, and working with advisors and committees.

Admission Information

To be considered for admission to CSUN as a master’s student, you will need to:

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