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Techfest Gives Students the Opportunity to Shine

March 2, 2015

A man and woman at Techfest.

Techfest gives students the opportunity to become familiar with tech companies and startups and it also gives those companies the opportunity to recruit potential employees. Read more

The 5 Best Study Aid Apps for Students

February 17, 2015

Student at a desk studying with piles of books around her.

These days, it's not easy for students to stay on task. Everyday distractions cause students to lose focus while studying. Why not use technology to fight back? Read more

2014 IT Survey Results

February 9, 2015

Preview of 2014 Faculty Survey Results.

Each spring semester, an IT Survey is sent to all staff, faculty, and to a random sample of 10,000 students. The 2014 IT survey results are now available on the IT website. Read more