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Apple Working on Fix for Text Message Bug

May 29, 2015


"Apple is working on a fix for a bug in iOS that makes it possible to crash an iPhone and reportedly iPads and Apple Watches simply by sending the device a specific text message." Read more New Course Offerings

May 19, 2015 logo.

See this week's latest offerings! Read more

15 Tricks For Better Smartphone Battery Life

May 18, 2015

Smartphone settings screen.

While “Talk Time” traditionally means “number of hours you can chat on your phone on a single charge,” the figure doubles as a rough approximation for “any active use,” such as texting and web browsing. Check out 15 tricks to extend your iPhone's or Android's battery life. Read more

AppJam Showcase and Award Ceremony

May 4, 2015

AppJam 2015 logo.

The CSUN AppJam 2015 mobile app competition concluded on April 30 with a Showcase and Awards Ceremony in the Oviatt Library Ferman Presentation Room. Read more

How to Clear Your Cache on Any Browser

April 28, 2015

Various Internet Browser Logos

The cache—your browser's local storehouse of code and images downloaded from the Internet—exists to help your Web experience run smoother. If you visit the same sites again and again, your computer can save time and resources by not downloading the same files over and over again. Read more

13 Devices College Students Actually Need

March 16, 2015

Book titles shown on e-reader.

Today, technology is there to help students read, write, communicate, and succeed in college. From portable USBs to cooling pads, this article sums up the 13 devices that college students need to succeed! Read more