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Students Gather for CSUN's AppJam Kickoff

April 2, 2015

AppJam 2015 logo.

Students gather for CSUN's AppJam kickoff event held on Wednesday, April 1, 2015.  Read more

13 Devices College Students Actually Need

March 16, 2015

Book titles shown on e-reader.

Today, technology is there to help students read, write, communicate, and succeed in college. From portable USBs to cooling pads, this article sums up the 13 devices that college students need to succeed! Read more

5 Must-Have Tech Skills for College Students

March 6, 2015

Boy smiling with typing on a computer.

It may not seem immediately apparent, but possessing a solid foundation in using daily technology can greatly smooth a student's transition to college academics. Read more

2014 IT Survey Results

February 9, 2015

Preview of 2014 Faculty Survey Results.

Each spring semester, an IT Survey is sent to all staff, faculty, and to a random sample of 10,000 students. The 2014 IT survey results are now available on the IT website. Read more