MataCare Grant Frequently Asked Questions

The MataCare Emergency Grant exists to help students with unexpected emergency situations and is available on a first-come-first served basis until funds are depleted for thesemester. The last day to submit an application for the Spring 2024 semester is April 26, 2024 at 5:00 pm.

If you are currently experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity please visit to apply for housing stability support from the Basic Needs Office. Or visit CSUN with A HEART to view a list of other resources available through the CSUN Basic Needs office.

Qualified students are provided with assistance in the form of single, one-time awards. Emergency funding is not intended to provide ongoing relief for recurring monthly expenses.  Emergency grant funds are not loans that students are expected to repay. The amount of the grant is up to TBD and depends on the nature of an individual request, documentation provided and the availability of funds. Documentation submitted MUST be related to current emergency.

MataCare Emergency Grants are considered financial aid therefore must be coordinated with your financial aid package (if applicable). If you do not have enough room in your package for this grant, you may receive less than you requested or you may be denied the grant.

1) If I received a MataCare Emergency Grant in Fall, can I apply again?
No. Student may only receive one MataCare Emergency Grant for the 2023-2024 academic year.

2) How do I apply?
Click on the application link below.

3) Do I have to submit documentation?
Yes. You must upload documentation that supports the emergency you identify on the application. Make sure to combine your documents into a PDF file.

4) What kind of documentation will you accept?
Your documentation will depend on the emergency situation you identify on your application. Applications without documentation or documentation not related to the emergency situation will be denied.

5) What kind of situations qualify for a grant?
Current unexpected situations such as car accidents, hospitalizations, deaths in the family, layoff, other unforeseen emergencies that can be documented. Please see the application form for a full list of situations that qualify. If your situation isn’t listed, you can also visit the CSUN with A HEART webpage at for a list of other resources.”

6) How much can I receive?
The amount of the grant depends on the nature of an individual request, the documentation provided, and the availability of funds but we anticipate award amounts to be between $50-$500.

7) How will I know if I am approved to receive the Grant?
Students will receive a copy of their application via CSUN email. The application will confirm the amount, if approved.

8) If the grant is approved, how will I receive the funds?
The grant will be disbursed electronically to your banking account if you are already signed up for eRefund or via check to the address on file with Admissions and Records.

9) When will I receive the funds if my application is approved?
It may take up to 14 business days to receive the funds once your application has been approved.

10) If my grant is denied, can I appeal the decision?
No. All grant decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

11) Will this grant affect my financial aid award?
MataCare Emergency Grants are considered financial aid therefore must be coordinated with your financial aid award package. If you do not have enough room in your aid package for this grant, you may receive less than you requested or you may be denied the grant. Please note, if you have a Middle Class Scholarship any additional aid awarded to you including a MataCare Grant will most likely result in the Middle Class Scholarship being reduced or canceled.

12) Do I have to pay it back?
The MataCare Emergency Grant does not have to be paid back.

13) Are students enrolled through Tseng College eligible for the Grant?
Matriculated students in programs that are approved for federal financial aid are eligible for the Grant, regardless of whether they are receiving financial aid.  If you have a question regarding eligibility you can contact the Financial Aid office in Tseng College at (818) 677-7523.

14) Can I receive the grant if I am an International student?
Yes, International students are eligible to apply for the MataCare Emergency Grant.

15) Will the information I share be confidential?
Yes. Your application will be reviewed by a select committee of staff who will keep your information confidential and will not discuss outside of committee review.

16) What if my emergency situation does not resolve or I need more funds?
Please contact the Financial Aid Office and ask to meet with a financial aid counselor if you have an ongoing need for financial support.  You will be advised of your options and additional resources that may exist.

17) Can I apply for the Grant again?
No.  If approved, this is a ONE-TIME emergency grant for the 2023-2024 academic year. However, if you received a grant in a previous academic year, you may reapply this year.

18) Who can I talk to if I have other questions?
You can speak with a financial aid representative or counselor in the Bayramian Hall Student Lobby on the first floor or by telephone at (818) 677-4085. For information about other resources please visit

CLICK HERE to apply for a Spring 2024 MataCare Emergency Grant.