MataCare Grant Frequently Asked Questions

Can I email my application?
We do not currently have an online submission option for MataCare.  Please submit your complete application to the Financial Aid Office either by mail to 18111 Nordhoff St. Northridge, CA 91330-8307 or by fax to (818) 677-6787. 

However, some students are using web services such as, or mobile apps such as Fax Burner and FaxFile to email their applications to our fax machine so we'd like to share those options as a possible way to submit your application online.

What kind of situations qualify for a grant?
Unexpected situations such as car accidents, hospitalizations, deaths in the family, job loss or significantly reduced work hours can make it difficult to meet your normal bills such as rent, car payments, and other financial commitments.  Some situations are very unexpected such as losing your housing and you need funds for short term housing to get back on your feet.  Your statement should be very specific about what your financial need is and how you would use the funds if you receive the grant.

What about documentation?
You are required to provide documentation for your application to be given full consideration.  Documentation can include police reports, hospital release papers, bills, receipts, separation letters from an employer, check stubs that document reduction in hours, apartment leases, a letter from a counselor, employer, teacher, or family member who can verify your situation, etc.  Applications without documentation are usually denied.

What does it mean that I have to have exhausted all sources of funding?
This grant is intended to help students who have no other resources to address their urgent financial need.  Financial aid recipients must have accepted the Federal Subsidized Direct Loan they have been offered.  This loan frequently resolves the financial situation that is at hand.  You should consider choices and decisions that you have made that may have caused your financial challenge.  If your car needs repairs, can you request a grant for a metro pass?  If you are leasing an expensive car can you buy a used car that is a more practical model? If you can’t afford your apartment, can you move back home or take on another roommate?

You are encouraged to visit with a financial aid counselor to review your expenses, budget and possible resources to meet your long-term needs.  The Financial Literacy Program offers workshops, webinars and online educational resources to help you manage your limited funds.

Are students enrolled through Tseng College eligible for the Grant?
Matriculated students in programs that are approved for federal financial aid are eligible for the Grant, regardless of whether they are receiving financial aid.  Students in Open University and some certificate programs are not eligible.  If you have a question regarding eligibility you can contact the Financial Aid office in Tseng College at (818) 677-7523.

Will the information I share be confidential?
Yes. Your application will be reviewed by a select committee of faculty, staff and students who will keep your information confidential and will not discuss outside of committee review.  The Financial Aid and Scholarship Department will verify that you have accepted all need-based aid, including Subsidized Direct Loans (not including Unsubsidized Direct Loans, Parent Loans or Private Education Loans), if you are a financial aid applicant.

How much can I receive?
The amount approved by the Committee will depend on the nature of the individual request, documentation provided and the availability of funds.

How will I know if I am approved to receive the Grant?
A financial aid counselor will contact you via CSUN email on the Tuesday following your Grant application submittal.  The email will confirm the amount, if approved.

If I am approved, when will I receive the funds?
A check will be available in Bayramian Hall, Room 100R on Thursday.  If you are enrolled in e-Refund, the grant will be deposited to your bank account. This information will be included in the email your receive confirming the approval of your Grant application.

Can I receive the grant if I am an International student?
Yes, but the grant funds may be taxed and the amount you receive reduced.

What if my emergency situation does not resolve or I need more funds?
Please meet with a financial aid counselor if you have ongoing need for financial support.  You will be advised of your options and additional resources that may exist.

Can I apply for the Grant again?
You may apply for the Grant up to two times during your studies at CSUN.

Who can I talk to if I have other questions?
You can speak with a financial aid representative or counselor in the Bayramian Hall Student Lobby on the first floor or by telephone at (818) 677-4085.