Asset Management

Asset Management

Tracks state equipment on campus, oversees Capital Equipment Inventory and monitors minor equipment on a three-year cycle.   We maintain a list of surplus property available for reuse by any university department, as well as maintain a Public Surplus Web Site for on line auctions of furniture, fixtures, and equipment open to the general public.  We also work with local public and nonprofit agencies to recycle obsolete equipment, and oversee our campus electronic recycling efforts.


Asset Management Procedures:

Relocation of Surplus & Surveyed Equipment:

Asset Management will coordinate the relocation of surveyed equipment. The requesting department may initiate the process by completing the Surplus Property Request Form (Form 116).

Departments must use the surplus Property Request Form to request the pickup of all surplus or obsolete equipment/furniture even if not tagged. All pickups will be free of charge and scheduled to occur in the order in which the requests are received. Pickup will be the responsibility of PPM's Postal and Delivery Services who will confirm and schedule all pickups.

Departments with immediate needs to survey equipment may do so by opening a chargeback requisition to Postal & Delivery Services (service provider “PDS”) to cover labor costs associated with the request. Charges will be billed at the current chargeback rate posted on the PPM webpage. Requestors must complete and submit the Surplus Property Request Form to Asset Management prior to submitting the chargeback. Postal and Delivery Services will call to schedule and expedite the pickup.

Looking for a form? Select a topic below:

Surplus Property / Equipment Decomissioning

Use the following forms to initiate a property surplus request:

Login to Adobe Sign: https://www.csun.edu/facilities/esign > Login to Adobe Sign now > Start Library > Workflows

Search for the following forms*:

Asset Management 116 (8 items) Surplus Property Request

Quick Guide on how to submit Form 116 using Adobe Sign.

*Note:  The above Adobe Sign form is the only version of Form 116 that will be accepted by Asset Management.  To use other versions of the form, please contact Asset Management prior to submitting.

Adding Equipment to the Asset Ledger

Use the following form to add equipment to the asset ledger:

Request for Equipment to be Added to the Asset Ledger

Moving or Relocating Equipment

If equipment is to be moved or relocated, an Equipment / Furniture Service Request form must be submitted so that Asset Management can properly update and track the location of University assets.

Equipment / Furniture Service Request

Take Home Equipment User Permit

Any University equipment that will be taken home or off-Campus must be permitted by filing for an "Off-Campus Home User Permit."

Login to Adobe Sign: https://www.csun.edu/facilities/esign > Login to Adobe Sign now > Start Library > Workflows

Search for the following forms*:

CSUN Asset Management Off-Campus User Permit - PPM 100A

CSUN Asset Management Off-Campus Home User Return - PPM 100B

*Note:  The above Adobe Sign forms are the only version of Form 100/100B that will be accepted by Asset Management. 

Reporting Lost or Stolen Property

To report lost or stolen University Property, use the following form:

Lost/Stolen Property Statement