PPM: Who We Are

The mission of Physical Plant Management at California State University, Northridge is to provide a safe, clean, inviting, and engaging campus environment that supports the academic, student development, and sustainability mission of the University by promoting the PPM values and encouraging leadership in facility management.

Our 200+ team members stand ready to serve CSUN with PPM Pride. Submit a maintenance request to our Work Control Center at ppm.wcc@csun.edu or telephone (818) 677-2222.

PPM Administration and Senior Leadership

Jason Wang, Senior Director


Provides for administrative and management oversight and leadership for Physical Plant Management.
Phone: 818-677-2325
Fax: 818-677-4883
Email: jason.wang@csun.edu


Douglas Wells, Director, Engineering Services


Directs campus building services & maintenance, engineering and trades shops, and manages code, policy, and regulatory compliance.
Phone: 818-677-5988
Fax: 818-677-5299
Email: douglas.wells@csun.edu


James Logsdon, Director, Grounds, Custodial and Events


Provides management oversight for Building Custodial Services, Grounds & Landscaping, and Campus Event Support Services.
Phone: 818-677-2017
Fax: 818-677-4883
Email: james.logsdon@csun.edu


Kari Dom, Director, Administrative Services


Directs management oversight for PPM's Administrative Support Services, Recruiting, and Human Resources.
Phone: 818-677-7266
Fax: 818-677-4883
Email: kari.dom@csun.edu


Kate Rodriguez, Director, Financial & Administrative Support Services


Directs PPM’s Budget Management, Financial Reporting, Processing & Reconciliation of all Financial Transactions, Approval & Signatory Authority for PPM Financial & Payroll Transactions, Record Retention for Audit Purposes Customer Service.
Phone: 818-677-5555
Fax: 818-677-4883
Email: kate.rodriguez@csun.edu


Travis Thomas, Director, Logistical Services


Directs PPM’s Logistical Services unit, which includes Postal & Delivery Services, Asset Management, Central Receiving, Distribution Center, PPM Operations, Safety & Training and Reprographics/Quickcopies.
Phone: 818-677-5537
Fax: 818-677-4883
Email: travis.thomas@csun.edu

PPM Engineering Services

Todd Nelson, Assistant Director, Trades


Directs PPM's Carpenter Shop, Electric Shop and Building Maintenance Shop.
Phone: 818-677-2037
Fax: 818-677-4883
Email: todd.nelson@csun.edu


Steven Corpuz, Assistant Director, Trades


Directs PPM's Auto Shop, Central Plant, and Mechanical Services Shop.
Phone: 818-677-7380
Fax: 818-677-4883
Email: steven.corpuz@csun.edu


Anthony Parker, Assistant Director, Trades


Directs PPM's Paint Shop, Lock Shop, and Plumbing Shop.
Phone: 818-677-5440
Fax: 818-677-4883
Email: anthony.parker@csun.edu

Custodial Services

Napoleon Singletary, Assistant Director, Custodial Services


Provides campus-wide leadership to Custodial Services and manages the day porter shop.
Phone: 818-677-2929
Email: napoleon.singletary@csun.edu


Rick Alexander, Manager, Custodial Services


Oversees service for Citrus Hall, Eucalyptus Hall, Jerome Richfield Hall, Live Oak Hall, Magnolia Hall, Sierra Hall, Sierra Tower, and campus-wide floor crew.
Phone: 818-677-5942
Email: rick.alexander@csun.edu


Felicia Newsome, Manager, Custodial Services


Oversees service for Bayramian Hall, Education Admin., Education Bldg., Extended University Commons, Police Services, University Hall, Info. Booth #2.
Phone: 818-677-2854
Email: felicia.newsome@csun.edu


Gustavo Valencia, Manager, Custodial Services


Oversees service for Art Design Ctr., Bookstein Hall, Chicano Hse., Jacaranda Hall, Johnson Auditorium, Laurel Hall, Lilac Hall, Matador Hall, Nautilus Ctr., Noski Auditorium, PPM, Sagebrush Hall, Sequoia Hall, Asian Hse., Black Hse., Lab Schools, JOC Trailer.
Phone: 818-677-4630
Email: gustavo.valencia@csun.edu


Irene Castrelon, Manager, Custodial Services


Oversees service for Athletics Office Bldg., Chaparral Hall, Children's Center, Oviatt Library, Redwood Hall/Brown Center.
Phone: 818-677-5833
Email: irene.castrelon@csun.edu


Fred Holguin, Manager, Custodial Services


Oversees service for Cypress Hall, Jeanne Chisholm Hall, Manzanita Hall, Monterey Hall, Nordhoff Hall, Santa Susana Hall, Soraya , Student Health Center.
Phone: 818-677-5840
Email: fred.holguin@csun.edu

Grounds and Landscape Services

Ruben Lopez, Manager, Grounds

Photo of Ruben Lopez

Oversees campus-wide maintenance, landscape design, irrigation, and cleaning for outdoor spaces.
Phone: 818-677-7142
Email: ruben.lopez@csun.edu