Current/Future Projects

Current/Future/Active Feasibility Projects as of December 2019

Projects In Construction

G6 Parking Structure Design Build
Bldg. Electrical Substations Replacement
Central Plant HHW Piping  Replacement Phase 3
Satellite Plant Cooling Towers
EH 2008 Physics Lab Renovation
PPM Trades Bldg. Roof Replacement
JD Exterior Stair
Addie Klotz Student Health Center Flooring Phase II
Addie Klotz Student Health Center Add Scope, Door Trim & Painting
Addie Klotz Student Health Center-Additional Painting at PODS
EH 2226 Autoclave Relocation Project
EH 2226 Autoclave Relocation Project-Sprinklers and Split System
EH 2226 Autoclave Relocation Project-Header Structural Repair
EH2226 Autoclave Relocation Project-Additional Air Balancing
B5 Parking Structure Wireless Access Points Project
B5 Parking Structure Wireless Access Points - Additional NEMA box in B5 Lot
UPAs 9 & 12 Stair Treads/Tiles
UPAs 9 & 12 Stair Treads/Tiles - Materials
University Hall 205 Academic Affairs Renovation
Office of Student Success-UN 280G Renovation
Soraya Office 321C Improvements
Construction Administration Trailer Renovation Project
Extended University Commons 1st & 2nd Floor Offices Renovation - Power and Data Relocations
Reseda Annex NASA Grant
JD 3508 Audio Visual
Plank Carpet Replacement UPAs 4, 5, 8 (winter break work)
OV 300 LRC New Door Operators
Student Housing Building 6, Office to Residential Use

JOC Planning/Design

EOP Office Renovation in Bayramian Hall
Bookstein Hall Gateway Rooms Refresh

JOC Projects Planned for the next 3 months

Bayramian Hall Lobby Renovation Project
Soraya Corridor Ceiling Improvement
SH 367B Audio Visual Project
Children's Center Lunch Room Project
Soraya Administration Audio Visual Infrastructure Project
Stair Treads 8&14 (winter break work)
Balconies 6, 13, 2 (winter break work)
UPA 9 FA Pre-construction (winter break work)

PPM Projects

Substation #3 Roof Replacement

Projects on Hold

Oviatt Library Portico Deck Water Protection
Eucalyptus Hall Restrooms
Student Housing Bldg. 5 Accessibility Renovation
RE Roof Replacement Design ONLY
JH Roof Replacement Design Only
Student Affairs New Office
VP Admin & Finance Office Renovation

Campus Quality Fee (CQF) Projects


Major Capital/TOCA Projects Currently in Design

Baseball Ball Park Improvements
Restaurant and Conference Center
Science Emergency Generator
Art & Design Building Landscape
Biology Growth Chambers
Bayramian Rm 520 Reception Window Alteration

Major Capital Projects in Planning/Feasibility

Plummer and Darby Street Intersection Project
Plummer Street Vacation
Sierras Program
USU Northridge Center
Center for Integrated Design & Manufacturing Feasibility Study