PPM Mission & Priorities

PPM Mission

The mission of Physical Plant Management at California State University, Northridge is to provide a safe, clean, inviting, and engaging campus environment that supports the academic, student development, and sustainability mission of the University by promoting the PPM values and encouraging leadership in facility management.

PPM Core Values


  • Value people as our greatest resource, maximize employee potential, and promote involvement in the decision‐making process
  • Treat others as we would like to be treated – with fairness, civility, and dignity 
  • Foster open, honest, and timely communication at all levels 
  • Promote diversity and develop strong working relationships


  • Maintain the highest degree of personal responsibility and professional ethics
  • Do what is legally and fundamentally right 
  • Emphasize honesty, dependability, and accountability 
  • Commit to move into and resolve conflict effectively and efficiently


  • Take pride in our work and do the best job possible
  • Focus on customer satisfaction and building campus partnerships 
  • Commit to teamwork and provide excellent customer service ‐ externally and internally 
  • Communicate consistently with complete and accurate information


  • Maintain buildings, grounds, and equipment with the highest degree of care 
  • Ethical and responsible planning, care, and management of all resources 
  • Promote a safe, enjoyable, and professional work environment 
  • Actively support creativity, innovation, and development opportunities