Custodial Services

Facility Services custodians work early morning and evening hours to keep campus buildings safe and clean. We address “Fire Life Safety” issues and trouble calls first, then our work follows a list of four priorities:

  1. Common areas, including restrooms, entrances, hallways, stairwells
  2. Laboratories and classrooms
  3. Open and Public Offices
  4. Private Faculty and Staff offices. 

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Daily inspections and weekly cleaning of mechanical spaces and major heat, ventilation and air conditioning equipment is performed as is responding to hot and cold calls. We inspect all common areas, restrooms, corridors, classrooms, labs and department offices for immediate or planned repair or replacement of:

  1. Any observed safety concerns
  2. Bad or missing ceiling tiles
  3. Lamps or ballasts
  4. Leaking or bad flush valves and spigots
  5. Light diffusers
  6. Loose, damaged or missing cove base
  7. Loose or broken rest-room stall doors, partitions or fixtures
  8. Loosely hanging fixtures (of any sort)
  9. Lost or broken switch plates and receptacle covers
  10. Patch and paint of minor scarring to wall surfaces

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