Asset Management Adobe Sign Form 116 Work Flow Multi-Page





Form 116 Multi-Page - Quick Guide

This guide provides instructions on how to complete the multi-page Form 116 that can accommodate up to 88 items using Adobe Sign Workflow.

  1. Web browser (recommend the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Edge browsers).
  2. Send permissions in Adobe Sign.
Log in to Adobe Sign
  1. Start Asset Management Form 116 Workflow

  2. Enter the email address of the Property Control Designee (PCD).
  3. Enter the email address of the employee authorized to sign Form 116. Authorized users are Deans, Departments Heads, Directors of Finance (DFO).
  4. Asset Management is the certified recipient of the form (it is hardcoded in the workflow).
  5. Additional email addresses, separated by a comma, will receive a copy of the form.
  6. The name of the agreement (subject line on the email), if you are going to submit multiple Form 116, it is recommended you add something, so you will be able to differentiate in the future.
  7. Type in any message you wish to display in the body of the email.
  8. Form 116 is built into the workflow. It will be displayed after step 15.
  9. Completion deadline, enabled by default. If the form is not signed by this date, it will expire.
  10. Click Send to proceed to fill out Form 116.
  11. This Form 116 workflow can have up to 88 items, 6 pages in total.  Determine how many pages you will need based on the number of items, the number your enter in the next step will determine whether pages will allow you to enter items beyond page 1.
  12. Top right of the form: Enter Total Pages for this Form (up to eight items, enter 1; up to 24 items, enter 2; up to 40 items, enter 3; up to  56 items, enter 4;  up to 72 items, enter 5; up to 88 items, enter 6.
  13. Select from the drop-down your department.
  14. Enter the state tag #, it is 6 digits. Enter NONE (all caps) if there is no state tag. Items valued > $2000 usually have a state tag.
  15. Enter the serial number, if applicable.
  16. Enter a description of the item.
  17. Select from the drop-down the Dispensation Code.
  18. Enter the location, and use the room number, for example, Valera Hall Room 100 should be VH0100.
  19. Select the condition code. There is also a tooltip that will show when you click the dropdown.
  20. Select the special handling code. There is also a tooltip that will show when you click the dropdown.
  21. Enter up to 88 items if you entered 6 pages in total.
  22. Select if pickup is required.
  23. Enter if ready for pickup or if any item requires disassembly.
  24. Enter the requisition number if being traded in.
  25. Enter the chargeback number for disassembly or refrigerant removal (chargeback must be created in PeopleSoft prior to getting to this part).
  26. Select Yes/No in the dropdown if any item contains hazardous material.
  27. Select Yes/No in the dropdown if any item contains refrigerant.
  28. Select Yes/No in the dropdown if any item contains data storage devices such as hard drives, flash storage, etc.   Devices containing data must be disposed of in accordance to CSU Policy 8065.00, 8065.S001, 8065.S002, and CSU Executive Order 1031.
  29. Authorized Signature, this should be disabled until it is sent to the signer specified in step #8.
  30. Enter the name of the contact person for this form.
  31. Enter the contact person’s telephone, enter a 10-digit contact number.
  32. Enter comments or special pickup instructions in this field.
  33. Click to Approve: Once all the required fields are entered, this button will appear at the bottom of the page.
  34. In the upper left the page there are workflow options allow to decline (cancel the workflow), clear the form, etc.

Initiate Form 116 Multi-Page Adobe Sign Workflow

Start Asset Management Form 116 Workflow


Alternatively, you can click on "Login to Adobe Sign now" button below > Start Library > Workflows

Search "116" (without the quotes) select the following forms*:

Asset Management 116 (88 items) Surplus Property Request

Login to Adobe Sign now

For assistance with logging in, such as username and password issues, contact the IT Help Center at 818-677-1400.

If you are a PPM employee, and after logging in, are unable to start an internal PPM workflow, contact the PPM Work Control Center at 818-677-2222 to submit a work order to PPM IT Services.

*Note:  The above Adobe Sign workflow is the only version of Form 116 that will be accepted by Asset Management.  To use other versions of the form, please contact Asset Management prior to submitting