PPM Chargeback Rates

Revised PPM Chargeback Rates – Effective July 1, 2019

CSU Executive Order 847 requires full reimbursement for actual labor and indirect costs for non-maintenance related work performed by Physical Plant Management (PPM) employees.  The rates are calculated annually using December 31 actual PPM employee salary and benefits costs with all required campus and overhead fees.  For budgeting purposes, the rates are published in January for July 1 implementation.  As such, the 2019-20 PPM chargeback rates below will take effect July 1, 2019. 

 Chargeback Labor Rate Summary

 2019-20 Straight Time2019-20     Overtime Rate2018-19 Straight Time2018-19   Overtime Rate2004 Rates
Trades$ 55.50$ 77.41$ 52.20$ 73.04$ 40.00
Trades Supervisors$ 68.40$ 95.93$ 62.16$ 87.62$ 45.00
Material Transportation$ 34.25$ 47.65$ 29.07$ 40.77$ 24.00
Grounds$ 37.57$ 51.79$ 38.71$ 52.75$ 27.00
Custodial$ 30.43$ 41.88$ 33.89$ 46.31$ 22.00


The custodial rate decreased for 2019-20 due to the fact PPM had fewer custodians with longer University tenure (and hence higher compensation rates) during the recent custodial in-house transition.  Several of these staff have retired in the intervening years and PPM now has a higher ratio of new employees adjusting the average rate.  The same is true for the grounds chargeback rate, but to a lesser effect due to stable overall staffing numbers.

 All 2019-20 Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) and any projects estimated to occur after July 1, 2019 will be estimated at the revised rate.  PPM will continue to use actual labor rates in December of each year to establish chargeback rates for implementation the next fiscal year (July 1) with rates published on the PPM website in January.