Automotive Services

Automotive Services

Under Engineering Services, Auto Services performs the following on all University trucks, vans, carts, heavy equipment and small equipment:

  • Repairs
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Inspections

Service Calls Include: On campus towing, breakdowns, jump starts and gasoline refueling (for State owned vehicles only). If you require a jump start or unlocking for your personal (non-State owned) vehicle, contact the Department of Police Services at (818) 677-2111.

Vehicle Purchasing

Physical Plant Management also maintains the vehicle inventory for the campus and is responsible for ongoing reporting required by the State of California. If you or your department is looking to purchase a vehicle,  please login to Adobe Sign and submit the PPM Motor Vehicle Purchase Approval Form 400 workflow below.



How this workflow works?

1.Please enter the email address of the department approver in Department Approver 1 then click "Send".  The actual fillable form will be displayed.
2. [Optional] If a second approver is required, enter a second email address in Department Approver 2.
3. If this is not heavy machinery such as forklifts, tractors, street sweepers, etc, please ERASE/BLANKOUT the Safety Approval email address.
4. Enter the required requester information in the form.
5. You may attach additional documentation in the form for items III & IV using the attachment buttons in the form. Make sure to have those documents already completed.


PPM Motor Vehicle Purchase Approval Form 400 - Adobe Sign Workflow

PPM Motor Vehicle Purchase Approval Form 400

Alternatively, you can search for the above form by logging in to Adobe Sign: https://www.csun.edu/facilities/esign > Login to Adobe Sign now > Start Library > Workflows