Asset Management - Property Control Designees

This table lists the Property Control Desgnee (PCD) for each department, ordered by Department ID number. The Director of Finance and Operations (DFO) may submit corrections to Asset Management at asset@csun.edu.

If your department is not listed, or has no PCD listed, contact your DFO.

DEPARTMENTDEPT IDProperty Control DesigneeExtension
President's Office10001Nicole Mills2131
Equity and Diversity10002Bonnie Giles2077
University Advancement10003Justin Cabanting5542
University Development10004Justin Cabanting5542
Government Affairs10006Justin Cabanting5542
V-P Administration & Finance10007Jennifer De Iuliis2333
University Budget Office10008Angela Ramirez4246
Facilities Planning10010Joy  Hillman2561
Human Resources10011Cindy Mitchell6143
Payroll Cindy Mitchell6143
Physical Plant Administration10013Mark Ho4941
PPM Energy Management10015Mark Ho4941
PPM Electrical Shop10016Mark Ho4941
PPM Mechanical Services10017Mark Ho4941
PPM Plumbing Shop10018Mark Ho4941
PPM Building Maintenance10019Mark Ho4941
PPM Custodial10020Mark Ho4941
PPM Grounds10021Mark Ho4941
PPM IT Services10022Mark Ho4941
PPM Carpenter Shop10023Mark Ho4941
PPM Paint Shop10024Mark Ho4941
PPM Automotive10025Mark Ho4941
PPM Lock Shop10026Mark Ho4941
PPM Stockroom10027Mark Ho4941
Purchasing10029Megan Zullo5373
PPM Central Receiving10030Mark Ho4941
PPM Postal Services10031James  Licano4871
PPM Asset Management10032Mark Ho4941
Reprographics10033Jeff Coggins7123
Systems and Technology10034Lisa Campuzano5700
AVP Financial Services10035Megan Zullo5373
Fund Accounting10036Megan Zullo5373
Univ. Financial Reporting & Compliance10037Megan Zullo5373
Accounts Payable10038Megan Zullo5373
Accounts Receivable10039Megan Zullo5373
AS Accounting10040Daniela  Cross2490
Student Accounting10041Megan Zullo5373
University Cash Services10042Megan Zullo5373
University Collections10043Megan Zullo5373
Academic Affairs10044Marlene Gale2957
Academic Resources10045Felicia Morariu7589
Educational Op Program Central10046Terri Lite3952
Faculty Affairs10047Beth Virani2962
Graduate Studies10048Karen Storey2138
Univ Library Admin10049Jason Billick2205
Library Assoc Dean10051Jason Billick2205
ITR Finance & Administration Services10052Lisa Campuzano5700
Library10053Jason Billick6287
Library Development10054Jason Billick6287
IT IFO SYS10055Lisa Campuzano4263
Academic Technologies (ITR User Support)10056Lisa Campuzano4263
Central Computing Operations10057Lisa Campuzano4263
IT Information Security10058Lisa Campuzano4263
Music & Media10059Jason Billick6287
Computer Equipment Services10060Lisa Campuzano4263
User Support Services - Help Desk (ITR)10061Lisa Campuzano4263
User Support Services - Desktop Support10062Lisa Campuzano4263
IT_VPO10063Lisa Campuzano4263
No Match for 1006410064Lisa Campuzano4263
User Support Services - Admin (ITR)10065Lisa Campuzano4263
IT ACAD TECH10068Lisa Campuzano4263
Media Equipment Services10069Lisa Campuzano4263
Interlibrary Loan10071Jason Billick6287
Reserve, Per & Micro10072Jason Billick6287
Circulation10073Jason Billick6287
Reserve Book Room10076Jason Billick6287
Research Instr Outreach Srv10077Jason Billick6287
Collect Access & Mgmt Svc10078Jason Billick6287
Library Map Collection10084Jason Billick6287
CAMS / Collection Development10085Jason Billick3110
Institutional Research10086Ana Quiran4576
Undergraduate Studies10087Rachel Guerra5934
Admissions & Records10088Julia Riddle3707
Advice & Resource Center/EOP10089Roxana Salinas2108
Learning Resource Center10090Luis Zamora2033
Faculty Senate Office10091Nicole Wilson3263
College of Arts, Media, Comm.10092Caleb Fahey4675
Student Resource Center Equity10093Lidia Clara2024
Arts10094Hubert Hummel3042
Journalism10095Lincoln Harrison4989
Music Computer Assisted Instruction10096Shawn Kolb3153
Cinema TV Arts10097George Johnson7674
Communication Studies10098Sakile Camara2853
Theatre10099Michael Zeigler3095
KCSN10100Yvonne Wolfe5545
College of Business10101Michelle Harrington2442
DNCBE Assoc Dean10102Michelle Harrington2442
DNCBE Dev & Alumni Relations10103Michelle Harrington2442
DNCBE Graduate progs10104Michelle Harrington2442
DNCBE Lab10105Michelle Harrington2442
DNCBE Student Svcs/EOP10106Michelle Harrington2442
DNCBE Accounting10107Michelle Harrington2442
DNCBELaw10108Michelle Harrington2442
DNCBE Economics10109Michelle Harrington2442
DNCBE Finance10110Michelle Harrington2442
DNCBE Management10111Michelle Harrington2442
Systems Operations Management10112Michelle Harrington2442
DNCBE Marketing10113Michelle Harrington2442
Reading Clinic10115Becky Tsan7856
Faculty Offices10116Becky Tsan7856
Foundation of Education10117Becky Tsan7856
Credentials Preparation Office10118Becky Tsan7856
Equity/Sponsored Projects Office10119Becky Tsan7856
Education Grants10120Becky Tsan7856
Deaf studies10121Becky Tsan7856
Educational Psychology 10122Becky Tsan7856
Higher Education10123Becky Tsan7856
Elementary Education10124Becky Tsan7856
Secondary Education10125Becky Tsan7856
Special Education10126Becky Tsan7856
CECS - College of Engineering10127Emil    Henry3919
CECS - Information Systems10128Emil    Henry3919
CECS - Engineering Shop10129Emil    Henry3919
CECS - Student Development Equity Center10130Emil    Henry3919
CECS - Manufacturing & Management10131Emil    Henry3919
CECS - Computer Science10132Emil    Henry3919
CECS - Electrical & Computer Engineering10133Emil    Henry3919
CECS - Mechanical & Chemical Engr.10134Emil    Henry3919
Physical Therapy10135Geoff Stocker4223
College of Human/Health Dev.10136Geoff Stocker4224
HHD Student Srvs Ctr10137Geoff Stocker4224
Child Development10138Geoff Stocker4224
Communicative Disorders10139Geoff Stocker4224
Family Consumer Sciences10140Geoff Stocker4224
Health Science10141Geoff Stocker4224
Kinesiology10142Geoff Stocker4224
Leisure Studies & Recreation10143Geoff Stocker4224
College of Humanities10144Matthew Lang5012
Student Srvs Ctr EOP10145Matthew Lang5012
Chicano Studies10147Griselda Corona7212
English10148Frank De La Santo3433
Languages & Literatures10149Leslie  Yamashita3467
Liberal Studies10150Bernadette Bohn4914
Philosophy10151Shanta Wallace2757
Religious Studies10152Jennifer Elliott3392
College of Science and Math10153Ramakanth Mandava2392
Sci/Math Advisement Center10154Esmeralda Rodriguez4558
Science Shop10157Myron Hawthorne3055
Biology10158William Krohmer4426
MARC/RISE Enhancement10159William Krohmer4426
Chemistry Bio Chem Admin10160Lorna Hughes3372
Chemistry10161Lorna Hughes3372
Geology10162John  Wiesenfeld3573
Math10163Yen Duong2721
Developmental Math10164Yen Duong2721
Physics and Astronomy10165Konstantin Daskalov7079
San Fernando Solar Observatory10166Konstantin Daskalov7079
College of Social/Beh Science10167Tim Boyle7822
S&BS/SSC/EOP10168Tim Boyle7822
CSBS Dean's Office10170Tim Boyle7822
Anthropology10171Anita  Mendoza3331
Geography10172Jason Mejia5647
History10173Kelly Winkleblack4036
Pan African Studies10174Terri Lite8315
Political Science10175Sue Talavera5922
Psychology10176Judi Friedman3906
Sociology10177Deanna Tat3591
Urban Studies & Planning10178Mirna Reyes7116
Student Affairs10179Cecille Avila-Robison6841
Disability Research & Educational Services10180Laura Lau2689
Center on Disabilities10181Sean Goggin2116
Counseling10183Lily Legarda2364
Testing10184Deysy Guerrero4689
The Career Center10185Odette Fullum5560
Student Health Center10186Emilia Tayahua3602
Financial Aid Office10194Mitchell Lieu6253
Housing Residential Computer Resources10199Keith Blaine6101
Student Housing / Res Life10200Melissa Giles6111
Housing10201Robert Bonfiglio5639
Student Involvement & Development10202Theresa Hadden4102
Police Services10204Jim Villar2010
Parking Office10206Jim Villar2010
Transportation10207Jim Villar2010
Environmental Health and Safety10208Daniel Castellon2401
Student Outreach10209Deysy Guerrero2967
National Center on Deafness10210Jim Macaluso2611
IT VPO10211Lisa Campuzano4263
University Audit10214 4824
Linguistics10215Katherine Draper3110
Jewish Studies10216Katherine Draper   
Univ. Trust10217Megan Zullo7124
Asian American Studies10218Janaki  Bowerman4966
Gender and Women's Studies10219Janaki  Bowerman3110
Univ. Resources,Training & Resolution10222Megan Zullo7124
IT Info Sys Dirs10225Lisa Campuzano4263
IT Web Development Svcs10226Lisa Campuzano4263
IT Adm App Development10227Lisa Campuzano4263
IT Telecomm Srvs10228Lisa Campuzano4263
IT Network Engineering10229Lisa Campuzano4263
IT Data & Analytics10231Lisa Campuzano4263
Performing Arts Center10232Terence McFarland8830
Humanities Program10233  
Central American Studies10236Donald Lilly2736
Athletics10239Shareef Amer2693
Basketball Women10240Shareef Amer2693
Track Women10241Shareef Amer2693
Soccer Women10243Shareef Amer2693
Softball Women10244Shareef Amer2693
Tennis Women10246Shareef Amer2693
Water Polo Women10248Shareef Amer2693
Baseball Men10249Shareef Amer2693
Basketball Men10250Shareef Amer2693
Soccer Men10254Shareef Amer2693
Volleyball Men10257Shareef Amer2693
Exl Dean's Office10258Pankaj Bedekar2982
Exl Bus Oper & Finance10259Pankaj Bedekar2982
Exl Integrated Marketing10260Pankaj Bedekar2982
Exl Dist Learning & Tech10261Pankaj Bedekar2982
Exl Grad Professional Ed10262Pankaj Bedekar2982
ExL University Access10266Pankaj Bedekar2982
Extended Learning10267  
Sci/Math Computer Resource10278Ramakanth Mandava2392
University Corp St10290John Acero2392
Foundation (Corporation)10291Ira Unterman5542
Cafeteria10291Ira Unterman5542
Associated Students10292Patrick Bailey  2389
University Student Union - DNU10293Jonathan Navarro6029
Manufacturing Systems Engineering & mgmt10296Emil    Henry3919
Civil, Industrial, Applied Mechanics10297Emil    Henry3919
Athletic Academic Advisement10298Larry O'Connor  4781
Equipment Room10299Shareef Amer2693
Marketing & Promo10301Shareef Amer2693
Sports Media Relations10302Shareef Amer2693
Sports Medicine10303Shareef Amer2693
Engr. Center of Research & Svcs.10304Emil    Henry3919
EOP Admissions & Partnership10305Terri Lite3952
Program for Adult College Education10307Kelly  Kroeker6535
Community Service Learning10308Kelly Kroeker6535
Center of Excellence & Learning/Teaching10309Kelly Kroeker6535
Upper Division Writing Prof10310Debbi Mercado7331
Academic Svcs for Student Athletes10311Erika Baron  6356
Mosaic10317Kelly Kroeker6535
 10325Justin Cabanting5542
Annual Giving10326Justin Cabanting5542
 10327Justin Cabanting5542
Alumni Relations10328Justin Cabanting5542
Marketing & Communication10329Justin Cabanting5542
88.5 Radio Admin10330Justin Cabanting5542
Relations with Schools10331 2879
Genetic Counseling Prog10332Ramakanth Mandara2392
HHD Envir & Occup Health10334Geoff Stocker4224
HHD Physical Therapy10335Geoff Stocker4224
Sundial10336Sandra Tan6831
Student Sfinance & Tax Service10337Megan Zullo2305
FEMA Accounting10338Megan Zullo2305
Accounting & Reporting10339Megan Zullo2547
Central Academic Affairs10345Jo Runnion6424
Risk Management10347Cyndi Paull6830
UA Resource Management10348Justin Cabanting5542
Student Affairs IT10349Paul Schantz3839
Academic First Year Exp10352Kelly Kroeker6535
Center of Achievement10354Tanya Bennett-Payne5707
Finance & Trust Acctg10356Megan Zullo5373
Master of Soc Work Prog10357Janice Ollis4638
Strength & Conditioning10359Shareef Amer2693
Athetics Compliance10360Shareef Amer2693
Cheerleading10361Shareef Amer2693
Art Galleries10364Jim Sweeters3060
Athletics Facilities Dept10366Shareef Amer2693
Interdisciplanary Studies10369Katherine Draper6762
Human Factors Group10371Felcia Morariu7589
Institute Sustainability10372Sarah Johnson6928
International & Exchange Stu Ctr10374Andrea Marques-Perez3185
Matador Involvement Ctr10375Theresa Hadden4102
Performing Arts Complex Ad10376Terence McFarland8830
Great hall10377Terence McFarland8830
Concert Hall10378Terence McFarland8830
 10379Fred Moreno4967
 10380Fred Moreno4967
Education EDD10381Fred Moreno4967
Stdt Mktg & Communication10382Deysy Guerrero2967
Universal Design Center10389Crystal Monroy6230
META Lab10390Felicia Morariu7589
Dept of Nursing10391Sterling Davis5591
Student Housing / Res Life10393Keith Blaine6101
SchResearch Collaborative10411Fred Moreno4967
Matador Achievement Ctr10422Teiana Jones6604
Viscom10434Joseph Bautista3022
Diversity and Inclusion10449Patty Murray2300
Crim and Justice Studies10451Larry O'Connor2117
CARE10452Helen Simonyan2957
Applied Behavior Analysis10453Ashley Rice3257
Marilyn Magaram Center10465Annette Besnilian4343
Child & Family Study 10466  
Matador Advising Hub10468  
Campus Union90201Jonathan Navaro6029
University Wide Postage90203James Licano4871
RCR-Housing90205Keith Blaine6101
Admin Division Finance reserve99985Jennifer De Iuliis2333
Education-Central99986Fred Moreno4967
Campuswide Construction Proj99991 2561
Student Affairs-Central99994Paul Schantz3839
Academic Affairs-Central Expense99996  
Academic Affairs-Discretionary99997Eleanor Jones