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Matador Motorsports students inserting an engine into the frame of their latest car. Photo from 2016

Welcome to the College of Engineering & Computer Science

Discover a world of opportunities within the College of Engineering and Computer Science, situated within California State University, Northridge. With a rich academic landscape comprising five distinct departments—Civil Engineering and Construction Management, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management, and Mechanical Engineering—we strive to foster a culture of innovation and prepare the next generation of leaders in engineering and computer science.


Two students pushing wood panel into place during construction competition.

Civil Engineering and Construction Management

Build your potential in the dynamic field of Civil Engineering and Construction Management, where your hands-on civil experiences will pave the way to a solid future in infrastructure and construction.

Macbook with VS Code full-screened, with code written throughout the file opened

Computer Science

Embark on an exhilarating journey into the realm of Computer Science, where our cutting-edge programs empower you to revolutionize the digital landscape and shape the future of technology.

Breadboard with various connectors set in place, with a student working on testing voltages.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Jumpstart your innovation with Electrical and Computer Engineering, where you'll delve into the development of both hardware and software aspects of computer system design.

Manufacturing systems spinning up, with various automations beginning their processes.

Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management

Optimize complex manufacturing processes through Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management, where you'll be designing the latest systems to ensure engineering projects are technically and economically sound.

Student working on the Matador Motorsport car, setting the wheel in place on the initial build.

Mechanical Engineering

Channel your passion into the world of Mechanical Engineering, where you'll be gearing up to pioneer the latest and greatest mechanical marvels.

student writing notes

Student Services Center / EOP

Receive holistic support services tailored to Undergraduate Engineering and Computer Science students within the Student Services Center and EOP Satellite Office.

Tabibzadeh-Maryam Portrait photo

February 20, 2024

Fellowship Supports CSUN Prof’s Efforts to Improve Offshore Energy Safety

Dr. Maryam Tabibzadeh, an associate professor of manufacturing systems engineering and management at Califo...

Robotics Club

February 10, 2024

The CSUN VEX Robotics Club hosts VEX U Southern California regionals competition

February 10th 2024 On Saturday, February 10th 2024, The CSUN VEX Robotics Clubs hosted the latest VEX U South...

Campus Library with US Flag on top

January 9, 2024

CSUN Receives $3 Million Grant to Increase Number of Underserved Students in STEM, Arts Disciplines & Close Equity Gap

California State University, Northridge has been awarded a five-year, $3 million Title V grant from the U.S. ...


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