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On behalf of our faculty and staff, welcome to the Department of Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management (MSEM) at California State University Northridge (CSUN). We are thrilled to have you join us for an amazing learning experience in the vibrant Los Angeles Metropolitan area, known for its diverse culture and dynamic economy.

Chair's Message

Undergraduate Programs

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B.S. Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Manufacturing Systems Engineering majors at Cal State Northridge receive a solid, broad-based education. Among the many topic areas in the basic curriculum are mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering materials, electrical circuits, engineering mechanics and engineering economy.

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B.S. Engineering Management

Immerse yourself in our Undergraduate Engineering Management program, where you'll master engineering essentials alongside the strategic disciplines of planning, resource allocation, and effective direction in dynamic technological landscapes. This comprehensive curriculum equips you with the skills needed to excel in today's engineering workforce.

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B.S. Engineering Management Technology

The Engineering Management Technology program is an unparalleled opportunity to develop your proficiency in both the technical and business aspects of engineering projects. This combination is in high demand, making Engineering Management Technology majors indispensable to today's leading technical organizations. Elevate your career prospects by exploring our program now.

Graduate Programs

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M.S. Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Dive into our Master of Science in Manufacturing Systems Engineering program, crafted to offer a deep understanding of advanced manufacturing principles and their real-world applications. Acquire the expertise essential for thriving in the modern industrial arena and play a pivotal role in enhancing your workplace's efficiency.

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M.S. Engineering Management

The Engineering Management program at Cal State Northridge offers engineers and other technical professionals the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills pertinent to the entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial management of existing and emerging technologies. Students in this program have the option to choose data analytics.

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M.S. Materials Engineering

Immerse yourself in our Materials Engineering graduate program, where you'll be learning the creation, utilization, and sustainable recycling of materials. This program is dedicated to the development and processing of cutting-edge materials and products, as well as the inventive application of established materials.

Minors & Certificates

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Minor in Engineering Management

Complement your current program with a Minor in Engineering Management, where you'll get the background information needed to make manufacturing and automation decisions in your future career path.

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Minor in Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Elevate your industry prospects with this specialized minor in Manufacturing Systems Engineering, crafted to complement undergraduate studies in engineering and related fields.

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Minor in Automation and CAD/CAM

This specialized minor program is tailored to complement your major studies, equipping you with indispensable knowledge and hands-on skills in automation technology and computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM).

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management for Engineering Professionals Certificate

Designed for graduate-level professional development, the Entrepreneurship
and Innovation Management Certificate equips you with comprehensive knowledge in technology management, technical innovation & entrepreneurship, engineering economy, finance, leadership, marketing, and strategies for sustainability. Offered in collaboration with Tseng College, this program is available through self-support, ensuring you receive top-notch education and professional development at a pace you need.

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Quality Management Certificate

Consider enrolling in our Quality Management Certificate, tailored for those with a bachelor's degree looking to excel in quality-related career pathways. This certification equips you with the essential knowledge needed for quality management & control, lean processes, and specialized methods for projects and services.

Department Chair

John Pan, Ph.D.

Jacaranda Hall (JD) 4510
18111 Nordhoff St.

Northridge, CA 91330-8332
  • Phone: Phone: (818) 677-2167

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