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When & How to Apply for the Bachelor’s Degree

Your application for graduation initiates the graduation evaluation process, participation in Commencement, and receipt of your diploma.

Review the following items so you'll have an overview of the process and avoid common roadblocks that can prevent you from graduating on your planned date.

Know when to apply.

You may apply for graduation when you:

  • Have declared a major
  • Have 90 units (including work-in-progress)
  • Are approximately one year away from your planned graduation date
  • Have reviewed and met the graduation application deadlines
  • Have completed at least one semester of work in residence at CSUN (required before our office can complete your graduation evaluation)

Apply to graduate.

Review your Degree Progress Report (DPR)/Planner (login required) and plan remaining semesters using CSUN’s e-advising Degree Planning Tools to help provide the most accurate determination of your expected graduation date. If you are still unsure of your expected graduation date, schedule an appointment with your major advisor.

Log in to your CSUN Portal and navigate to the SOLAR Student Center to locate the link “Apply/View Graduation App.” (You will receive an email to your CSUN address when the link is available.) Helpful: Online Graduation Application Guide

Submit your Application for Bachelor’s Degree and Diploma online*, along with the $47 processing fee before your APPLICATION DEADLINE. A $10 late fee will be assessed if applying after the on-time application deadline. Applying late may also delay receipt of your graduation evaluation and your graduating senior status priority registration appointment time. Commencement participation could also be affected.

If desired, update your Diploma Address and Diploma Name.

  • To have your diploma sent to an address other than your address of record, enter a Diploma Address in the CSUN Portal. For help, see Update Personal Information.
  • To update your Diploma Name, file the completed Diploma Name Change Request (PDF) with Undergraduate Degree Services (address on form) or email it to from your CSUN email account. If the name that appears on your university record is the same as the name you’d like on your diploma, you do not need to submit this form.

*Second Bachelor’s Degree candidates, discontinued students, or students for whom online submission is impossible must complete the paper Application for Bachelor’s Degree and Diploma (PDF) and follow the instructions on page two of the form.

Watch for your "Graduation Evaluation" Degree Progress Report (DPR).

After you apply to graduate online, Undergraduate Degree Services will notify you to review all the degree requirements in your Graduation Evaluation/Degree Progress Report (DPR)*:

  • 1st Bachelor's Degree Candidates: You will receive a communication to your CSUN email account requesting you to review all your degree requirements in your online Graduation Evaluation/DPR.
  • 2nd Bachelor’s Degree Candidates: Your paper Graduation Evaluation will be emailed to your CSUN email account.

*When you apply to graduate, you will receive a special DPR that is clearly labeled "Graduation Evaluation." The report will list all of your completed and incomplete degree requirements.

Review your Degree Progress Report/Planner each semester.

After you've applied to graduate, continue to review your DPR/Planner each semester. You can also utilize the CSUN University Catalog to understand all of the requirements for your degree.*

Look for discrepancies in your DPR. If you find one, please see the appropriate person, office or website below for assistance:

*Though second bachelor's degree candidates have no DPR at this time, please refer to Second Bachelor's Degree Requirements.

Submit any needed course substitution/waiver forms.

If needed, request that your major or minor department submit an approved “Course Substitution or Waiver” form to Undergraduate Degree Services for processing. Course Substitution or Waiver forms require the approval of your major or minor department. Please contact your department(s) for assistance.

Send us your transcripts.

If you have attended any other institutions of higher education, submit all official transcripts to the Office of the Registrar as soon as possible. If you are transferring in course work from a California community college, save time with eTranscript California.

Resolve grades of "Incomplete."

Resolve any grades of Incomplete received for CSUN courses. An Incomplete grade at CSUN must be removed within one calendar year of receipt and prior to your planned graduation date.

Satisfy the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR)

To satisfy the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR), candidates for the CSUN bachelor’s degree must complete either of the following requirements:


  • The GWAR requirement was waived for undergraduate students with catalog years prior to 2023. If you have a catalog year prior to 2023, you do not need to do anything; your academic record will be updated automatically.
  • New students entering CSUN in fall 2023 (the fall 2023 catalog year) and after, will need to satisfy the GWAR.

For more information, visit:

Please check your Degree Progress Report audit and consult with your academic advisor if you have questions.

Complete your final semester.

Review your Graduation Evaluation/Degree Progress Report with your academic advisor or Undergraduate Degree Services graduation advisor.

Confirm awarding of the degree before the document deadline to graduate.

Submit all documents required for graduation (transcripts, course substitution/waiver forms, etc.) on or before the document deadline published in the Graduation Calendar.

Extend your anticipated graduation date if needed.

If you won’t be able to complete all degree requirements by the end of the semester or term of your planned graduation date, you will need to submit a Bachelor’s Degree Date Change Form (PDF) and request approval from Undergraduate Degree Services.

Clear university holds.

Check and clear all your university holds. Check your CSUN email account regularly for hold messages. To view all holds, log in to the CSUN Portal and select SOLAR Student Center in the "Top Tools" section. For help, refer to the View Holds How-To Guide.