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Morphic is a new open-source program for Windows and macOS that makes computers simpler and makes assistive technologies a person needs more ubiquitous. It is currently being installed in major universities/schools, libraries, and disability programs across the continent and abroad. Morphic is contribution supported and free for both the individual and institutional versions. Morphic is a revolutionary development. It gives people who rely on assistive technologies the ability to have their assistive technologies show up on any computer they need to use at school, the library, their tutor's house, a job assessment or testing center, or any computer, in any room at an organization. It allows AT users to use any computer their peers use. For the first time that those who do not have their own computer, and need to use AT, have any chance of having equal access to computing. True digital equity for the first time for AT users, especially those from families or communities with limited resources. Morphic allows anyone to create simple, custom MorphicBars for themselves or for family members, friends, or those they care for. These custom MorphicBars appear down the side of the screen and provide 1-click access to any program, website, or accessibility/usability feature on the computer. This is especially helpful to those who struggle with computers or are unable to use them at all. Instead of having to figure out what "programs" are, or how to "launch" or "close" or "switch" between them, and or how to navigate "windows" that cover each other up, menus that need to be understood etc, – they can have a single row of buttons down the side of their screen that gives them access to all of the basic programs and functions they need. A key component of Morphic is that it does this without sharing any personal information of any kind about its users with anyone. In fact, Morphic has set up a model external Privacy and Data Ethics Council made up of international privacy and security advocates and experts who oversee all of the privacy policies and practices of the Morphic.  
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The NEW Morphic is a Free open-source program for Windows and macOS. It installs in seconds and provides 1-click access to key computer functions for those who struggle with computers (young or old). It also allows a person's AT to show up on any computer they need to use.  
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  • Gregg Vanderheiden
    University of Maryland - College Park

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