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Disability Support and Tackling the Dropout Cycle

Date & Time
Tuesday, March 19, 2024 - 1:20 PM PDT  
Grand JK  

Over 55% of students with disabilities will not finish their degree in the US.

Studies show the most common trigger for drop out in the first 2 years of college is what students learn about their academic performance. Students struggle more as awareness of their challenges increases. We call this the 'dropout cycle': as academic obstacles persist, performance declines, leading to lower self-confidence, poorer engagement, and soaring stress. For students with disabilities academic obstacles can be more acute, speeding up this cycle.

Could we help break the dropout cycle? This question was at the heart of Glean's research. We asked 1200 students to consider their learning experience pre- and post- receiving an accommodation. They were asked to reflect upon learning outcomes, predominantly attainment but also considering other goals in their learning experience.

We explored how refocusing on learning outcomes ahead of using a notetaking accommodation can help learners to identify common obstacles and strategies for effective learning.

We could categorise four learning challenges faced by students: attention and concentration, information processing, executive functioning, and generalised study skills. These correlated with stress and engagement levels.

Applying outcome-driven design allows us to develop technology to tackle these specific challenges, making a genuine difference to learning success.

The result? 76% of students improved their grades in just one semester.

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Discover how refocusing on learning outcomes ahead of using a notetaking accommodation helps learners identify common obstacles and strategies for effective learning, and how applying outcome-driven design helps tackle these specific challenges.  
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  • Helena Harrison

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