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39th Annual CSUN Assistive Technology Conference Has Concluded

Integrating Accessibility in the Digital Product Lifecycle

Date & Time
Wednesday, March 20, 2024 - 2:20 PM PDT  
Platinum 3 (ALLYANT)  
Ensuring the accessibility of digital platforms – from websites to mobile apps – is a legal necessity and a moral imperative. Yet, many organizations grapple with implementing accessibility effectively throughout their digital product's lifecycle. Join us as we emphasize the importance of viewing accessibility as an ongoing journey rather than a one-off sprint. We offer a roadmap for: • Initiating the Journey: Prioritizing accessibility right from the design phase and how each subsequent phase contributes to an inclusive digital product. • Building the Right Team: Kickstart your accessibility journey on the right note. We'll guide you on assembling a genuinely committed team to crafting accessible digital experiences. • Equipping for Excellence: Learn how proper training can empower your team to design and develop with accessibility at the forefront, ensuring new functionalities and content are inclusively crafted. • Sustaining Accessibility: Go beyond initial implementation. Dive deep into strategies to maintain accessibility standards in the long run and discover effective ways to measure and track your progress. Whether you're initiating your accessibility journey or seeking to enhance your current strategies, this session offers invaluable insights. Ideal for educators and all stakeholders in the digital domain, come learn how to seamlessly weave accessibility into every phase of your digital product lifecycle, ensuring a universal and inclusive user experience.  
  • Higher Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare & Rehabilitation
  • Finance & Banking
  • Insurance
Audience Level
Session Summary (Abstract)
Explores how to integrate accessibility in digital platforms, from inception to maintenance. This session provides a roadmap for prioritizing accessibility, building dedicated teams, leveraging effective training, and ensuring long-term commitment.  
Primary Topic
Digital Accessibility  
Secondary Topics
  • Blind/Low Vision
  • Evaluation & Remediation
  • Information & Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Web
Session Type
General Track  


  • Aaron Page
  • Lara Lesar

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