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39th Annual CSUN Assistive Technology Conference Has Concluded

Integrating UDL and Assistive Technology Curriculum

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Wednesday, March 20, 2024 - 4:20 PM PDT  
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With increasingly diverse student populations and a push for inclusive practices, it is important that all teachers be knowledgeable about universal design for learning principles, as well as understanding what assistive technology is and how it can support students with disabilities (Gargiulo & Metcalf, 2023). As newer technology products embrace universal design and offer built-in accessibility features that everyone can use, the primary focus of an identified need for AT is that it will increase specific function in some way (Berger, 2023; Shepley, Lane, Ayres, & Douglas, 2017). Individuals who do not work primarily with people with disabilities and understand this nuance may erroneously think that AT offers more help than is fair. It is critical that all education majors learn about UDL, AT, how they support and differ from each other, and have a basic understanding of AT processes and products.

This session will share how one university’s assistive technology center developed and implemented a professional development model embedded within the university’s college of education plan of study courses. This model allows teacher candidates of all majors to become knowledgeable about AT in a systematic fashion through a spiral AT curriculum. Baush and Jones (2012) noted a variety of benefits for the embedding of assistive technology curriculum for training pre-service and in-service teachers, universities, and local education agencies including better prepared novice teacher

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Learning about assistive technology (AT) should not be relegated to only the special education majors’ plans of study in one course. Learn how one university implemented an embedded curriculum model to teach universal design for learning and AT.  
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  • Laura H. King
    East Carolina University

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