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University Travel

Travel Update

COVID-19 Travel Suspension Extended - Updated June 25th, 2020

See Chancellor's Office Memo - Action: Elimination of all non-essential travel through June 30th, 2021.

Reimbursement of Employee-Incurred Expenses

Previously booked travel should be cancelled. Travelers will be fully reimbursed for expenses incurred in the event that conference fees, plane ticket and other costs are non-refundable.

  • The travel reimbursement process via eTravel will be used to claim costs incurred for cancelled travel.
  • Travelers should make every effort to claim a refund. Many airlines, hotels and car rental companies are refunding or crediting individuals who personally prepaid these transactions.
  • Travelers should collect and maintain documentation about the refund/credit request and outcome.
  • Refund requests that were denied by the travel partner are eligible for reimbursement. These reimbursement requests will require supporting documentation showing the request for refund was denied. Attach this documentation to the eTravel expense report.
  • CSUN Paid and/or expenses reimbursed through a cash advance must be reported on an expense report whether or not a refund was issued.
  • Refunds from the travel partner granted in the form of a voucher or credit for later use against a CSUN Paid or previously reimbursed expense will be treated as a travel advance for future trips. Travelers may immediately submit an expense report for reimbursement after the last day of the trip.

The Chancellor's Office has established a webpage where all communications, information, and resources can be found in one location. This site will be available Monday, March 2nd and updated on a regular basis as needed. The direct link is as follows:

Additional information about novel coronavirus and its prevention is available at this link:





Non-eTravel Users

Need Help?

For information on travel policy contact the Travel Desk at (818) 677-2945.

For eTravel technical support, create a Service Request to Solar Financials or email For immediate assistance contact SOLAR Financials by phone (818) 677-6685.

About the University Travel Office

The University Travel Office is responsible for accurate and timely reimbursements of travel expenses incurred by authorized individuals traveling on official University business. All authorized individuals traveling on official University business should incur the lowest reasonable travel expenses.  All University travel policies are expected to be followed when traveling on official University business.

Close cooperation between the University departments and the University Travel Office is essential to ensure timely reimbursements and the University's compliance with state regulations.